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Internet goes down for 5 minutes once to twice a day

I Plan to Stick Around

I have a Hitron CGN3ROG modem that I got last year with Rogers Ignite 100u package. When the internet is up, I have no complaints things are great. However, everyday (sometimes twice a day) the internet will go down for about 5 minutes.


This happens almost always as soon as I start using it heavily for the first time in the day. So if I suddenly start downloading a big file, and someone else is watching YouTube in the morning, it will go down. It tends to happen more in the mornings and late at night (past midnight). Generally it never happens in the afternoon.


Here is the log of it happening today (it happened at 1am, and 9am when I woke up and tried to use it):


1 06/25/16 01:32:54 82000300 critical  
2 06/25/16 01:32:54 82000600 critical  
3 06/25/16 01:33:45 82000200 critical  
4 06/25/16 01:34:06 90000000 warning  
5 06/25/16 09:48:15 82000200 critical  
6 06/25/16 09:48:15 82000300 critical  
7 06/25/16 09:48:15 82000600 critical  
8 06/25/16 09:48:19 82000200 critical  
9 06/25/16 09:48:19 82000300 critical  
10 06/25/16 09:48:19 82000600 critical  
11 06/25/16 09:48:23 82000200 critical  
12 06/25/16 09:48:23 82000300 critical  
13 06/25/16 09:48:23 82000600 critical  
14 06/25/16 09:50:17 82000200 critical  
15 06/25/16 09:50:19 82000900 warning  
16 06/25/16 09:51:38 82000200 critical  
17 06/25/16 09:51:42 82000900 warning  
18 01/01/70 01:01:37 82000200 critical  
19 06/25/16 09:54:16 90000000 warning  
20 06/25/16 09:54:17 84000700 warning  



In this case, I pulled the power to reset it since it wasn't able to re-acquire on its own. After I reset the power, it was able to get a WAN IP and work. During this time, the LAN stays up (including wireless devices).


Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I've tried to schedule a call for a worker to come out, but Rogers automatically cancelled it with a call that said there was technical issues in my area but they'd "solved them." This behaviour has not changed since then though, so they didn't solve this issue. Also since it's sporadic, unless they live here it's highly unlikely they'd ever experience it.




Re: Internet goes down for 5 minutes once to twice a day

I Plan to Stick Around

@Datalink I agree it would be easier if it went down and stayed down, but it will not.


The technician replaced the entire cable length from the pole across the street to the pole on my side of the street, and then the wire from that pole to my house (it's currently going through my neighbour's tree, but he said they'd come within a month to re-bury the cable).


The wire in the house was run when I moved in 5 years ago, directly from the side of the house through the drop ceiling in the baesment to the modem. I helped the tech trace the old cables and run the new one.


I never touch the modem when it happens, as it always solves itself within 5 minutes (whether I'm home or not). So unfortunately there's no way I can make it stay in that state that I can think of.

Re: Internet goes down for 5 minutes once to twice a day

Ok, then there might be something going on further upstream.  I understand what you're saying about the length of time that the modem goes down.  If you're around when that happens, see if you can get in touch with tech support before the modem springs back into action.  Hopefully that might resolve the issue, or at least get the field techs looking in the right direction.  You should ask your neighbors if they're on Rogers cable as well and are seeing the same problems.  

Re: Internet goes down for 5 minutes once to twice a day

I Plan to Stick Around

@Datalink thanks for all the help but I plan to move within the next few months so I'm just going to leave it alone.


The internet was down in my area for over 12 hours, and is once again down. In general, my area has absolutely horrible service from Rogers; it goes down a minimum of once a month, but typically more.


Compound that with my modem issues (which have indeed improved since you helped me, but still occur about once a week), and I think it's just a full failure of Roger's infrastructure in that area. I'm not convinced they have the ability to solve it within the next few years either, since it's been like this for the last 5 years that I've been there.

Re: Internet goes down for 5 minutes once to twice a day

I Plan to Stick Around

If anyone ever stumbles across my old post, moving solved the issue.


I've been using the same identical setup as my old house in my new house for the last 9 months, and I haven't had this issue once (internet dropping randomly).


I've had other issues though which I will post about. So this specific issue is undoubtedly a local infrastructure problem in that area. I'm not sure if Rogers will ever fix that.

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