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Short DHCP lease from Rogers causing brief internet disconnects

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Hi There,


I currently have a case escalated with @RogersHelp, but the twitter team suggested I ask here in the community if anyone else has or noticed this problem. The problem I'm having is that Rogers is issuing a DHCP lease that is only 1 hour long. When it expires, I'm briefly disconnected from the internet until a new lease is issued.  Typically this happens so fast that I don't notice it with regular traffic. But any realtime traffic such as VPN, or Microsoft Teams call, Zoom call, etc. will disconnect reconnect because of this short time where I don't have internet.


First time this happened was at the end of July. I reached out to @RogersHelps to let them know that I noticed that the lease time from Rogers is only 1 hour long. I did mentioned to them that I do have a Rogers modem in bridge mode and that I'm using my Netgear XR500 as my NAT device, but the 1 hour lease time is also replicated if I connect my PC directly to the Rogers modem. Note that I'm not talking about my LAN DHCP lease, but rather the DHCP lease Rogers issues for my public IP address.


@RogersHelps had a technician dispatched to my house to replace the cable modem because typically the lease from Rogers is much longer. Typically 7 days. The technician replaced the modem and still I was only seeing a 1 hour lease time. The technician said he would escalate the case up, to which I believe the Rogers NOC, and 2 days later the lease time from Rogers was increased to 1 Day, 19 Hours. After this was done, the issue went away. I assume this is because there's enough of a lease time to request a renewal of the lease before it expires.


Last night I noticed that I was getting disconnected to my VPN again every hour. This morning I checked and sure enough, Rogers has reduced the lease to 1 hour again. I reached out to @RogersHelps again to let them know I'm having the repeated issues of brief disconnections. The @RogersHelps tech ran a remote provisioning script against my modem which now has the lease time only 39 minutes. The case is being escalated as we speak.


I'm just wondering if anyone here who may have the IgniteTV bundle/cable modem also noticing that the DHCP lease from Rogers is only 1 hour long. If so, are you noticing any brief disconnections from the internet at the time the lease is due to expire/expires. Most internet traffic, such as buffered traffic like YouTube, Twitch, etc. don't bat an eye of the quick disconnect/reconnect, only real time traffic. Maybe every once in awhile I notice that the video for my IgniteTV will pause for about 2 seconds, but I still have audio when the video pauses and then things returns to normal.


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Re: Short DHCP lease from Rogers causing brief internet disconnects

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@gisuck this is an ongoing problem that has been noticed by the TPIA community.  Here's the threads:


Keep pushing to have this resolved.  This need to be escalated to the staff who are responsible for the CMTS configuration and the DHCP servers.

Re: Short DHCP lease from Rogers causing brief internet disconnects

I've been here awhile

I have an XB6 in bridge mode, and my Archer C7 syslog shows a lease renewal every minute...

Re: Short DHCP lease from Rogers causing brief internet disconnects

I've been here awhile
I know this is 2 years old now, was it ever resolved? I’m experiencing the exact same thing, disconnects at the exact same time every hour.
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