Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

If your lucky enough to have bell service at over 1.5 gbps you should never go to rogers. Only a few neighborhoods offer the 1.5 gbps speeds at bell the rest are 50mb tops. So your lucky id switch back to bell asap
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

@HutchFam  the Actiontec MoCA 2.0 adapters will work with any modem.  The rest of the MoCA system is up to the customer to install, although you could probably ask Rogers to install a MoCA qualified splitter and Point of Entry filter.  I'd have to have a look at the splitter specs to see if its MoCA 2.0 qualified or not. 


I don't have time tonight to look at all of the issues, but I'd like you to do one thing.  With your Lenovo laptop, in close proximity to the modem and connected via wifi, right click on the wifi symbol in the lower right hand task bar.  Select "Open Network and Internet Settings"  On the next popup page, select "View your network properties".  On the next page, please copy the Description of the adapter, which will be the laptops wifi adapter and post that for me.  Also post the Link speed (Receive/Transmit).  Please post both numbers. 


I'd like to do a little research to determine the specs for the wifi adapter and the max theoretical data rate at the moment, given the laptops connection rate with the modem that I'm asking you to post.  

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

Very, very slow and getting worse. Why is this happening and why are some shows suddenly unavailable?

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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

Hey @JohnWH54!


Can you be more specific regarding what you're experiencing? We'd love to assist however we can, we'll just need more details.


Have you run a speed test with a one wired connection as well as one wireless connection at the same time?
What were the speed test results from those devices?

Can you confirm which show's you're referring to? Is this OnDemand? Through the IgniteTV app? Within the home or outside?





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

Oh my.

I’m running BELL

As ROGERS was unable to hook up my 1 gigabit service. I luckily still had not returned my BELL equipment yet.

It started when I had ROGERS come in to replace bell 50meg connection. They came to install on a Saturday Nov 2, 2019.
Wi-Fi 500meg
Hardline from ROGERS modem to technicians laptop...200-300meg?

Tech couldn’t figure it out. ROGERS couldn’t figure it out?

Second tech comes on Sunday Nov 3, 2019
Replaced modem kills tv and internet and says I need to wait 6-8 hours to get ticket resolved it’s a back office issue to authorize the new serial number and modem????

So I hooked up BELL again while I wait for ROGERS to figure out how to resolve the issue...?

Reading theses posts it seems to me Rogers offers and charged for a product it cannot provide?

Majority of people never test and never ROGERS ripping of the public?

So I’m also part of CRTC white box

Wonder what CRTC will say to Rogers?

Oh my what a ridiculous situation
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

It’s now been 12 hours since the ticket was sent that was supposed to be resolved in 6-8 hours?

Watching BELL while I wait for Rogers ?
Maybe tomorrow they will fix it?

Very dissatisfied
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds

There are people on here, who have 500 and 1g service.. so rogers as a whole IS able to provide it.

Each persons house, scenario, etc might be different though.

500meg over wifi? Thats pretty good.  I really wouldnt expect much better than that, without going with really HIGH end equipment (your talking $400+ worth of router and wireless cards, etc)

Wireless though.. is a little odd.  But again hard to tell, who knows how/whats up with his laptop?  
Wired SHOULD normally be higher.  
I am on 500mbps service, and can regularly speed test at 560+

(the whole replacing/not re configured thing... thats a whole other kettle of fish... 😞 )

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds


It’s now Monday still no connection for internet or TV. I received an automated phone call issue is under investigation.

I called my consierge and I’m awaiting a call back.

I realize there are limits to homes and scenarios and such. However, when the technician running several speed tests including the Rogers speed test cannot get above 300meg on a 1 gig service and has no idea why....and tech at Rogers has no idea why ...??? Tech says everything looks fine to the technician they sent to my home (who is on speaker with them) and he tells them it’s only 200-300 and they argue about his laptop? The. They decide to switch the modem....wait 6-8 hours? Turns into a couple days?

Really? His laptop? Seriously if they don’t even trust the technicians they send out who have the same results???

Uhm wow!

I really hope Rogers has not had to take three days or more to provide service to other customers?

My consierge just called. I’m on hold.

I’ll post back any results and resolutions.

My consierge is very professional.

Thank you for replying to my post
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds


I was asked by the consierge to speak to Tech. She transferred me over. The technician said the ticket was being held up due to a glitch. He cancelled the ticket and opened a new ticket.

Now I wait 24-48 hours for the new ticket to get resolved. ROGERS will call and text when the new ticket is resolved.

Once this new ticket is resolved to authorize the modem I am to call ROGERS back to arrange yet another technician to visit my home to finish the setup.... I wait....

I’ll update again soon
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Very... very Slow Speeds


So now it’s over a week.

Still getting robo calls ticket is delayed.

A telecom company has surveyed the street I’m on to lay fiber optic cables?

Received a bill via e-mail ? Yep one week still waiting on connection and final install to work and I get a bill ....oh, and the bill is wrong! The bill is way over the agreed upon deal????

I’ll call and update my consierge rep today.

I’ll inquire as to when technicians will be out to finish the installation.

I’ll update again soon.