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Review of customer support from xmas till today - mostly good, with some suggestions for improvement

I plan to stick around

I will start off this post with my overall assessment.  I give Rogers 8 out of 10 for their performance in customer service of late.  I am happy that all my service needs have been satisfied, although the process could have been smoother.  My last statement should be expected, as improvements can be made in any business.


Purpose of calls: I had been calling Rogers every other day for the last two weeks for various needs.  Cell phone upgrades, account changes, asking for discounts, account errors, etc.  You know, the usual.


Background:  I have been a Rogers TV and wireless customer for over 30 years, my got my first cell phone when the wireless network was called Cantel.  I have all my communication services with Rogers, they include internet, TV, landline telephone, and 5 cell phones (for the family, and my elderly parents).


*** Cell phone upgrades ***

Good: The process was painless. I called in, but the wait was long as expected and understandable because of the Christmas sales.  The agent was helpful, reviewed my account and made suggestions on account plan changes to make this the most cost effective (I still have the old family Share Everything Plan, not changing that yet, waiting for some of the lines' hardware contract to expire).  I was even offered a free tablet for the hardware upgrades. Phones and tablet arrived quickly.  The phones were hand delivered by an agent and he stood in the cold socially distanced making sure everything was good before he left my house.


Not so good: The initial agent who took the order made an error about the "free" tablet.  There was a monthly subscription charge $10 and a $45 activation fee.  I had to make two subsequent calls to Rogers billing to get them removed.


Suggestion:  The optics of the tablet billing error is bad.  It might give people the impression that Rogers is scamming people.  Better training for the agents perhaps?


*** Ignite TV+Internet changes ***

I removed some of the theme packs, and downgraded from Popular to Flex 5, and replaced the EERO mesh to Wifi-Pods.


Not so good: The TV service changes could not complete for a week.  Subsequent tickets were created, escalated, but the back office just could not complete the job nobody knew why.  In addition, the EERO mesh hub+beacons were still on my account even though Rogers warehouse had already received them. 


In the end, after about 6 calls with different agents, we determined that there were two errors made in the process:


a) The first agent created everything in one order.  Therefore, in order for the TV changes to execute, the EERO mesh must be received by the warehouse. It took two days for me to receive the Wifi-pods, and then four days for the warehouse to receive the EERO mesh gadgets I sent.  Hence the one week process.


b) The first agent did not include the EERO removal in the order.  

Good: Despite the one week process, all the agents I spoke with were courteous.  On day 6, I spoke with an agent in out of Moncton.  He was the one who figured out the issue and got everything sorted.  I have spoken with many agents from Moncton over the years and I have always found them most knowledgeable.  A big shout-out to the Moncton team!


Suggestion:  Again, better training perhaps?  Multiple unrelated changes in the same order is not ideal.  And I wonder why the Moncton team could figure out the issue but not the others?


*** Flex channel selection change issue***

I could not change my Flex channels.  Somehow there was a 4K theme pack associated with my account (looked like something that was leftover when I downgraded from Popular to Flex 5) that prevented me from changing Flex channels (weird, right).  But when I tried to use MyRogers to remove the  4k pack, it told me the action would cancel my TV subscription.  It's time to call an agent, again.


Good: Ticket was created, a day later the 4k pack was removed. 


Suggestion:  Add that to the back office software bug fix.


*** Applying for a discount ***

I spoke with someone about their Rogers bill and they mentioned about a discount that they have which I also be eligible.


Good:  A very pleasant process with a cheerful agent.  He looked for discounts that was available in my area, and I was offered a decent discount and a better internet speed.   He also reviewed my cell phone bills and suggested to call back in May as nothing can be done now.  He was very helpful.


Well, that's about all.



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Re: Review of customer support from xmas till today - mostly good, with some suggestions for improve

I plan to stick around

all the things that you called in for you could have done right through your Rogers account and it would have been faster. As I look through the rogers website I see that had you upgraded your phone through your my rogers you would have saved yourself the 45.00 set up service fee and you would have got a credit of 55.00 on your bill. This would have applied to each new phone upgrade. That s a credit of 100.00 per upgrade on your bill.

The ignite tv you could again have logged into your Rogers account and downgraded your tv package right through your my rogers account. I did this last year when I went from Premier to Popular and then back to Premier. 

I was able to exchange my flex channels right from my rogers account in one shot without having to call in.

All is is simple to do without being aggravated with long wait times.


Re: Review of customer support from xmas till today - mostly good, with some suggestions for improve

I plan to stick around



Actually, most of the things I couldn't.  I explained in my original post why MyRogers didn't work in my case for Flex channel exchange.  And I never said I had to pay $45 set up fee for my phone upgrade. In addition, my downgrade of TV was done in conjunction with wifi equipment swap, which were free to me from day one.  It was impossible to do it using MyRogers.  It simply wasn't designed for it.


Also, there are loyalty packages that are only available when you call in.


I have been with Rogers all these years, I know my way around.

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