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Shaw to Rogers Migration Nightmare

I purchased a new home and moved at the beginning of October 2023 and I called Shaw to change my address. At that time, I was told that Shaw could not change my address in their system as I was required to migrate my services over to Rogers. I starte...

t_smith by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! 5G access for Shaw Mobile migrated customers

Our services page says this: "5G / 5G+ network access. Monthly data at speeds up to 150Mbps" But Rogers reps are telling people our plans are only eligible for LTE. Why would the service page say one thing while your backend provisioning system is sa...

Any way to receive old messages and calls in a list?

I swapped my sim card about a month late. Unsurprisingly, things such as voicemail don't seem to be working.Is there any way I can request a list of calls and texts that have been made to the number over the past few months? There's no way Rogers doe...

CadoM by I've been around
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Migrating SIM card and esim on same phone

Is there a trick to transferring a SIM card number and e sim to my phone from Shaw to Rogers? I have tried and tried and it doesn’t work. They even sent me a new SIM card. Now I receive a message that I have put the SIM card in The wrong phone. I use...

Pdn0311 by I've been around
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Overcharging Shaw user

I used to park around 16 dolars. Did the change they asked me to do for roger and on my first bill 60 dolars… talked to several people on chat and phone and the rectifications they are doing, they are not following the contract I had previously with ...

MJCCL by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! Shaw migration process need help

I'm seeing all the horror stories with Shaw migration and starting the 1st of my 5 lines yesterday. I'm hoping to avoid the billing issues many are experiencing but first I want to know how to get help!   Where is a step by step list to follow? All I...

Migration Billing increase

I migrated from Shaw to Rogers, and after reading the letter sent with my new sim card, it promised that I was being given the same price for 5 years, it explicitly reads in the email I was sent:    YOUR PLAN PRICING WILL REMAIN THE SAME • Your m...

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Jackie111 by I've been around
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Accidentally Paid My Shaw Bill to the Rogers Account

Thinking that accounts had transferred over to Rogers I used the Rogers 11 digit account access through T.D. to pay my Shaw account balance. I am now being told by Shaw that I am arrears and that they can't reconcile with Rogers? I have tried connect...

krenaud2 by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies

migrating from Shaw to Rogers

"I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Rogers' handling of my phone migration from Shaw. Without any consideration for my situation, Rogers disconnected my phone before I even received the SIM card. I had to wait four days to receive the ca...

Ana-777 by I've been around
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Resolved! Porting my number from Shaw has been stuck for a week

I am not sure what I should be doing now. I have my new SIM cards and I have logged into my new account. I think the next step is to transfer the numbers from shaw to my new rogers account. However, when I go to my account, it is showing the transfer...


Resolved! I have Shaw 'Buy the gig 4g LTE'

Porting to from Shaw to Rogers began tonight. I have a $10 per gig plan with unused data being rolled over for 3 months. So I pay $10 and lasts 3 months because I rarely use it. I want to Pay $10 to Rogers for the equivalent plan but it doesn't show ...

Joyriderbc by I've been here awhile
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Shaw Mobile migrated customers access to 5G

Shaw Mobile 25GB plan customers who migrated early to Rogers were transferred to this plan: 4G LTE Shaw 25GB BYOD   Shaw Mobile customers on the same exact plan who migrated a month or two later were transferred to this plan on Rogers: Shaw BYOD 27 B...

Shaw to Rogers Migration is a disaster

A forced migration with that involves a temporary number, a hardcopy SIM mailout with no tracking, and total breakdown of cell service during the process.Worse - I'm overseas. The customer 'service' team member I engaged with blamed me for not thinki...

Loki22f by I've been around
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Resolved! Will Shaw email address change to the Rogers domain?

I recall decades ago when Shaw took over from Rogers we had the opportunity to convert our email prefix naming convention to as long as the prefix was available eg.; however, I suspect it's extremely unlikely that in 2023 that y...

Hmm by I'm an enthusiast
  • 5 replies

Migration from Shaw

I called Rogers multiple times. They keep telling me to wait for the sim card or go to the store.I went to Rogers store at West Edmonton Mall and a lady at the store told me they dont do the migration at the store anymore and wait for the sim card. I...

Porting from Shaw to Rogers

I recently ported 4 mobile cellphone lines to Rogers. During the time of the porting the Rogers rep made an error porting my cell# with some other number. I had to go around department talking from one rep to another only to fix the initial error. Fi...

Malaika-74 by I've been here awhile
  • 9 replies

Cannot port my number over

I have spent at least 11 hours and talked to 11 agents on the phone since last Friday. Every time I have explained the situation and everyone agent said they are capable to solve it and I just need to be patient. However still not working. I gave up!...

Shaw to Rogers- Number Transfer

How can I keep the number Roger's assigned me for the migration? It automatically ally transferred my Shaw number without asking.   **Labels Added**

R_Eglin by I've been here awhile
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