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Shaw to Rogers Migration Nightmare

I plan to stick around

I purchased a new home and moved at the beginning of October 2023 and I called Shaw to change my address. At that time, I was told that Shaw could not change my address in their system as I was required to migrate my services over to Rogers. I started that process and it has been the absolute worst experience that I actually have ever had with a company that I pay to be a customer of. The migration process took 10 hours of my life - I dealt with 8 different agents during this process - I was sent 7 different sim cards (for 3 phones) and I had 3 different accounts at Rogers setup in the end. Shortly after the migration was finished, I received a bill for $1288.44 for the remainder of my device balance from Shaw, which not 1 of the 8 agents explained to me would happen.


I have now spent over 14 hours on the phone with representatives of both Shaw and Rogers (over 10 representatives). Good luck trying to get them to let you talk to a manager as some agents flat out refuse it! Anyways, it took a long time just to figure out whose problem it is as apparently these two companies are not able to work together to solve customer problems even though they are now supposed to be one company. Rogers says it is a Shaw problem. Shaw has given me two options: a) migrate the 3 phone lines back to Shaw and then back Rogers again (a process that took 10 hours the first time and I am expected to do that 2 more times) or b) I can pay the bill in full before the end of December before they send it to collections. Apparently, I have to choose what is more valuable to me, my time or my money. I also guess Shaw doesn’t have to honour their contracts with customers now that Rogers bought them, and I guess Rogers doesn’t have to honour any of Shaw’s contracts either. Oh and I guess they can try to destroy any persons credit that they please! I filed a complaint with the CCTS, but I anticipate that will go nowhere as these government agencies are typically a joke. If you are or were a Shaw customer, save yourself the agony and do not migrate your phones over until they figure out how to do it right. If you are looking for a new cell phone, go with anyone else besides Rogers. What a nightmare.     




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Re: Shaw to Rogers Migration Nightmare

I plan to stick around

Oh yeah and they will also try to double bill you when you switch your account over!!!!! If you are forced to migrate, take a look at your bills as they will try to bill you for the month right before you did your migration. You were a Shaw customer and already paid for that month! Bunch of crooks!  

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