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Unable to Wireless Print After Changing to Ignite Modem

I've Been Here Awhile

A little rant, but more so, reaching out for some WiFi help/advice.....


Started with Ignite bundle 5/7 ago and running 1gbs; express set-up went smooth, added devices to the Gen2 gateway with ease  - including my Canon laser Printer, its listed as a device on my network.  Or so I thought,  the printer seems to be on the network but will not print from cell phones x2 or laptops x2 with using wifi  "no airprint printers found".  Before Ignite, all was good using the legacy set-up.  


I have tried everything suggested by Canon, even information from this community forum.  Still no luck.  Last few nights, tried to get some help from Ignite Tech support - Road Block!!.  Tele support waits >2hrs; via text - agent minimizing the situation, confrontational language, and essentially indicated my situation does not pertain to Rogers products or services, so bugger- off and speak with Canon.  


Kindda feel let down by a company who offers a deceptive gold standard Ignite WiFi Promise to bundle customers.  Then asks us to contact an Ignite Tech expert to chat if the promise is not kept - I am unable to wait for hours nor do I want to feel invalidated by some joe typing away on a keyboard.


Any advice, help, suggestions are seriously welcome at this point.  Perhaps Rogers reviews this content, if so, thanks for the community forum registration badge.   leonjulie. 


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Re: Unable to Wireless Print After Changing to Ignite Modem

I'm a Reliable Contributor

@Jill76 what problem are you having?  We need more details.  You are following the steps in your printer instructions?  

Re: Unable to Wireless Print After Changing to Ignite Modem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I have a canon printer and had no issues when I connected it to my modem.   are you re-connecting it to the wifi once your modem has been changed? a lot of people forget how to do this, but all cannon printers should be able to login to your wifi thru the menus on the printer screen yes it can be tough to enter the passcode but once you connect it, it should recognise it, i had no issues using my cannon printer on rogers ignite for 1.5 years and more.  i used air print and google cloud print just fine and all i really did was re-connect to the wifi network

Re: Unable to Wireless Print After Changing to Ignite Modem

I've Been Around

Switched to rogers internet ignite and now can;t get my printer to print. i can see that it is connected but when go to print it goes to never-never land and says 0 jobs waiting

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