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Resolved! HP Printer not connecting to Ignite WiFi with Gen2

Got Rogers Ignite WIFI Gateway Gen2 installed and since then all PCs, Tablets and Cell phones work but my HP Deskjet 3050 printer doesn't. Used USB cable to laptop and ran HP setup. Printer connected to network but it is awaiting an IP address before...

Focused1 by I've Been Around
  • 4 replies

Router/modem login

It would be nice to have Multi-factor authentication to log in to Ignite Router/Modem ,  as I have had someone not from my home change the password for the login.   It has happened 2 or 3 times now so I have to reset modem to get access..   *** Edite...

sierra1989 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 3 replies

2.4 switch to 5g

I have a tablet connected by 2.4g, but some things streaming from my tablet is choppy, would switching to the 5g help with the choppiness?If so how would I go about changing it? Some apps require the 2.4 such as my security camera so I don't want to ...

gordow by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 3 replies

Wi-Fi Network Non-Existent Wired LAN Ok - Anyone else?

Hi, Our Wi-Fi Network is down on our Wi-Fi Gateway modem. It doesn’t show on the list of available networks. However All wired LAN Connections are working fine. We’re in Ajax.   Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? (I have received some messag...

mmessina1 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 23 replies

5GHz network goes down on XB7

Hi everyone, I upgraded to Ignite 2 weeks ago and have been using the XB7 in normal configuration with a single SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. I've been popping into periodically to check on my devices to see what's connected to which...

Hwaiting by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 4 replies

XB7 & XB8 5GHz Wifi Issues

Our family recently signed up for Rogers 1.5 gbps internet service. I have noticed that both the XB7 and XB8 modems have the capability for the 160 MHz bandwidth on 5 GHz. Our household has several devices that are capable of operating at this wifi s...

AGnana by I'm Here A Lot
  • 18 replies

Ignite internet modern block my devices

Very strange thing happened with my ignite internet. My few devices can't connect to internet during runtime. I changed DNS settings then works. I restarted modem, more devices can't connect to internet. I don't know why?   **Labels Added**    

BobbyON by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Bufferbloat

  Hi there,   I just had a question about my rogers modem. I have been dealing with issues with latency on ethernet for months please see below for my current network setup. I have a number of devices connected to a gigabit switchboard and multiple a...

mabroorbajwa_0-1674490173387.jpeg mabroorbajwa_1-1674490173592.png

Internet disconnecting every night between 2am to 3am EST

Ever since 2 months or so ago, my internet has been dropping around 2am-3am EST and comes back very shortly. Called rogers and they say that's their regular maintenance hours and is normal. I live in the North York area, anyone experiencing this inte...

Issue with Wi-Fi

Hi Rogers team,Very pathetic and concerning service. This is Abhijit. My internet was started on 12th Feb as part of bulk plan but stopped working since last 4 days. I have reached out to 10-12 different service technicians and had 1 visit. Every tim...

iOS Ignite Wifi App Sharing Other Rogers Account

Our Ignite Wifi iOS App is showing both our account, and the account of another Rogers customer (not us). We can see their physical address, their Rogers modem and CM MAC address, as well as all of the devices on their network. We can restart the mod...

ivonneinc by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Compatible wifi Ignite mesh pod?

Paying $5/month rental fee for Ignite Wifi mesh pod extenders.  I asked Rogers if I could just purchase the pods instead of paying a monthly fee for each and they said they only offer them as rentals.   Is there a recommended, compatible, trouble-fre...

Wifi Connectivity Issues

Our Ignite Wifi has and continues to be horrible. Everyday I’m having to resort to rebooting the modem, rebooting all the connected devices and hope for the best. It was really good for a long time and very reliable but now it’s horrible. Dialup woul...

tdm_55 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Ping spikes and packet loss (connected by ethernet)

I have tried multiple approaches to solving this issue, it has been weeks. I've had two technicians at my home. The first technician told us to upgrade to Ignite and it would solve our problems. Got Ignite 1.5 Gigabit internet, and the problem persis...

mikegrossi by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 4 replies

Wifi Down

Yet again another weekend where it’s windy, cold and snowing and the internet is down.. CSR’d aren’t very helpful just opens a ticket tell me to have a nice evening. Seriously time to switch from Rogers     ***Edited Labels***

Amzina04 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Speed upgrade do i get a new modem?

I am currently on 1gb internet with the Ignite WiFi Gateway Gen 2   does anyone know if i increase my speeds to the 1.5 or 2.5 if 1) I am provided a new modem or if my existing one can handle the speeds 2) Do i need a tech to come to my house and ins...

joejenkins by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Ignite Router not connecting to some wifi devices

So this consistently happens with two types of devices in my home, that have never been able to connect to the Rogers ignite router.One is the Gosund smart plugs, and the other is a water monitoring and auto shut off device called Water Hero.Both tho...