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Resolved! Rogers Home Phone, Have to Dial 1 for Calls

My Rogers Home phone includes Canada Wide calling. Several area codes include both local and long distance calls from my home. This should not matter to the home phone system. No calls should require a 1 before the area code as long as they are in Ca...

Online home phone mgr.

Manage home phone get a Rogers technical error we are working on it.not allowing to get to home phone Mgr.       ***Added Labels***

ivanho by I've been around
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911 Not Working

We have had two accidents in less then 6 months and both times, the 911 service wasn’t working. The technicians are unable to assist. Anybody knows what’s the next steps? An elderly couple that isn’t getting any help to fix their issue. Anybody knows...

Resolved! Check Your Cables

Hello, @57.   Thank you for another helpful post along with the checklist to troubleshoot the cable issues.   We appreciate your continuous contribution to our Community!   Regards,RogersMoin

Resolved! Keeping our current phone number when switching to Ignite Bundle

According to the customer rep. i talked to, it seemes like we cannot keep our current phone no. if we switch from Rogers legacy system bundle to Rogers Ignite system bundle. We would really like to keep our current phone no. Would someone knows why w...

Ricardo2 by I've been here awhile
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Open work order since August 22 for home landline problem

Rogers home landline I have an open repair request since August 22, 2022 regarding my Rogers home landline - cable, not wireless. I have a particular problem when I try to call a specific other Rogers home landline number in that they can hear me b...

HeideC by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

canada411 delisting

Hello,   I was an RHP customer and had my number listed on canada411/white pages. I have not been a customer for almost a year now, but my name, address, and old phone number which I never ported (straight up cancelled) still appears there. Canada411...

necuratu by I've been around
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Resolved! Home phone not able to connect to a particular business

Cannot connect to the local Costco (moncton) with home phone. Getting the "your call cannot be completed as dialed" message. 2 separate cell phones connect fine. (pharmacy voice system is 506-317-0433 if somebody wants to check to see if it's rogers ...

sswilson by I'm a reliable contributor
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Ignite Home Phone 911 Concerns

The problems with 911 access during a Rogers system failure wilI not be remedied by anything that Rogers does to enable continuation of 911 service for cell phone network users. Ignite Home Phone users do not and will not have reliable 911 service, o...

Long-distance 3rd party providers

Does anyone have the list of the approved long-distance 3rd party providers that Rogers will allow for long-distance? We recently switched to Rogers, and we have used Startec for years, either when with Bell before or even with Rogers years ago. Appa...

csbgal by I've been here awhile
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Call gets Dropped while calling.

calling a rogers phone is ok, calling a bell home phone and bell cell phone the call gets dropped. the problem for me is between the rogers and bell phone networks. St. John's, Newfoundland. ***Edited Labels***

Resolved! Voip not working since the outage on Friday

My inter service has return but my VOIP is not working since the outage. SIP/ALG has already been disabled. I had to Voip line for many years with no issues, provider is Freephoneline Please help. Thanks ***Edited Labels***

peterblue by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Legacy (non-Ignite) Home Phone out again Saturday afternoon

I'm in Ottawa (K1Z post code). Home Phone (separate modem, not Ignite) was working this morning but failed again sometime after that. Was expecting a call from someone. Checked and found no dial tone at 7pm. Reset of modem didn't change anything.   *...

jc277 by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! Rogers Home Phone Voicemail Indicator Not Working

I was going to post in the following thread since I recalled the discussions, but I see it has been archived, so I'm starting a new thread. https://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/Archived-Posts/Ignite-TV-home-phone-voice-mail-indicators/td-p/435978/pa...

57 by Resident Expert
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Rogers Home and Away Online Manager (New Glitch)

I decided to log into Rogers Home and Away Online Manager today to update and add a new number to our call block list. You can imagine my surprise when I looked at the "unwanted callers list" and noticed that for every single one of the 30 numbers we...