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Arris Home Phone

I've been around

Coax cable connector came off from the modem and no way to put it back.. When I contacted rogers they said rogers no longer provide/support Arris TM602 modens and asked me to  switch to ignite. My concern is my billing going up. What are my options.


My wife and I have cell phone and hardly use the home phone any more and we might just cancel this service.


Thank You.




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Re: Arris Home Phone

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

If you're running internet service, not necessarily with Rogers, you could port your home phone number out to a Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) phone provider.  With a VOIP provider, the phone number might cost something under $1.20 Canadian/month, the electronic 911 service (mandatory) would cost something under $2.15 Canadian/month, and your actual local and long distance phone cost would probably be pennies per month, so maybe $3.40 Canadian/month.  


The other upfront cost is an analogue telephone adapter.  They come in different sizes, but a basic ATA has an ethernet port that connects to your modem, router or switch, and one RJ-11 port that connects to your telephone system, or single phone, depending on your preference.  If you were to remove the arris modem, you might be able to simply connect the ATA RJ-11 jack to the existing surface mount RJ-11 connector which in turn connects to your phone system.  If your house is like mine, the Rogers tech installed a surface mount RJ-11 jack which in turn connects to the telephone 66 block, which in turn connects to all of the telephones in the house. 


You would have to configure the VOIP account and ATA so that the VOIP server communicates with the ATA.  After that is done, disconnect the Arris modem, connect the ATA and your done, most likely not to look at it again for a long time.  Only caution I have is to ensure that the VOIP server to ATA communications are encrypted.  That is set in the VOIP account configuration.  


Here's some examples of VOIP Analogue Telephone Adapters:


The Grandstream HT-802 works very well as does the Grandstream WP-820.  So, you can go to a wifi connected VOIP phone, such as the Grandstream WP820.  And, with a VOIP account up and running, there are Android VOIP apps which you can load onto an Android phone which allows you to use your cell phone as a VOIP phone.  


You will find that the VOIP account allows a considerable amount of options that are not available with typical phone service.  If you have other family members living across the continent or world, and they happen to be VOIP customers with the same company, you might just find that calls to them are free of charge, as its call between the company's own customers. 

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