Block Outgoing Calls on Home Phone

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Block Outgoing Calls on Home Phone

Hi guys, is there a way to lock my home phone from making outgoings calls at all both locally and long distance.




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Re: Block Outgoing Calls on Home Phone

Hello @Sleeklynn,


Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Rogers Community! This is a very unique question as we're normally asked about incoming calls rather than outgoing ones.


I'm afraid there is no such thing as a local calls "blocker". Here's a list of the Calling Features your can get with Rogers Home Phone:

  • Long Distance Lock
  • Home & Away™ Voicemail
  • Home & Away™ Online-Manager
  • Call Display/TV Call Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Three Way Calling
  • Call Return - Busy/Last
  • Call Transfer
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Call Display Blocking
  • Auto Connect


For more information, or if you want to know exactly what each feature includes, check out the What Home Phone Calling Features are there? article. 😉


Hope this helps!