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HP Printer not connecting to Ignite WiFi with Gen2

I've Been Around

Got Rogers Ignite WIFI Gateway Gen2 installed and since then all PCs, Tablets and Cell phones work but my HP Deskjet 3050 printer doesn't. Used USB cable to laptop and ran HP setup. Printer connected to network but it is awaiting an IP address before completing operation. Seems the Rogers Gateway Gen2 doesn't do this. I manually input an IP address to my printer but Ignite Gateway doesn't recognize it? Buying a new printer won't likely fix this problem??

Anyone got any ideas?


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Re: HP Printer not connecting to Ignite WiFi with Gen2


Good day @Focused1,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thanks for posting about your printer setup issue.


Look like the HP Deskjet 3050 is not compatible with the WiFi 5G network. Therefore, you may need to disable band steering. 


Bandsteering is enabled by default on the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. This helps ensure your devices automatically connect to the WiFi network with the strongest signal.


If you want to check that bandsteering is still turned on or turn it off, you can use Ignite WiFi Hub. Check out this page for more information!


Hope this helps!



Re: HP Printer not connecting to Ignite WiFi with Gen2

I've Been Here Awhile

I got similar problem as well on my network printer when setup my XB7 initially. Workaround for me was to use ethernet wired connection, and set the fixed IP on the printer itself (as opposed to reserve it on DHCP).  

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