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Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

I've been around

Background I've been having ethernet Cat6 cable failures between my Rogers pods and my computers most evenings after I go to bed.

New Desktop connected to transfer switch connected to Roger pods (2 port ethernets) via cat-6 cables. Connect by wifi to rogers IB7 Router.

Many evenings I will get up in the morning and find that my computers are no longer connected by ethernet cable to the Roger pods.

They will be only connectsble via wifi.

I will then run a test on the Rogers ignite out of my gateway and my pots and they will come up as strong Wi-Fi.

The Next Step is I will reboot my computers, which typically or has in the past resolve the problem now more often than not it doesn't do any difference.

Next step is a reset the Gateway which takes about 11 minutes which normally almost always fixes the problem.

My computer is always on monitors on it does not go to sleep why is this happening what can I do to fix the problem or stop it from happening what is the initial issue?

When I was with a different service my modem and router or hardwired via transfer box and obviously I never had any issues whatsoever now that I have to use these Rogers pods because they can't get my Rogers equipment to where my other equipment was in my house I'm forced to use these pods which at times just seem to stop working from hard cable connection part.

I've had the pods replaced and the problem is back.

Hoping to find a solution


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Re: Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@PapaStove  I don't have Pods in my home so I can't really say why your computers are dropping off the network.


As far as I know, it is allowable to connect a LAN switch to the Pods and to connect multiple computers to that switch via Ethernet.  HOWEVER, the Ethernet ports on the Pods are primarily meant to be used either for connecting Ethernet-only devices (or devices whose Wi-Fi connectivity is problematic) or for connecting the Pod to the Ignite Gateway with a wired connection rather than over Wi-Fi.


If you have computers with good Wi-Fi connectivity, that have no problem connecting to modern Wi-Fi networks that employ Band Steering, then there will be no benefit to connecting those computers through a Pod via Ethernet.  If those computers are located in the same room/area as the Pod, then they will have the same quality of Wi-Fi connectivity as the Pod itself, and you will actually get better performance connecting those computers via Wi-Fi.  With Ethernet connections to the Pod, you will end up forcing traffic through the Pod, saturating the uplink, and degrading the network performance of more distant devices that actually do need to connect through the Pod by Wi-Fi.


Re: Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

I'm here a lot
I am having the same problem. I have two legacy Ethernet connections (Lutron hub and hue hub) and have been using the pod to provide connection the the rogers wifi network. Now periodically, the Ethernet ports on the pods fail. The connection is no longer listed in devices connected. (Normally it would show a wired connection to the pod). Rebooting the Pod does nothing. Rebooting the hubs does nothing. I reboot the main router and then fight for an hour to get the Pod reconnected. 8/10 times this resolves the issue. But sometimes it doesn’t. Most frustrating issue I have with Roger’s wifi right now. And honestly, since you can see nothing of use through the app management app it makes it even more frustrating. The connections just don’t exist until they magically do a few hours after a full reboot. This makes no sense whatsoever. What the heck, Rogers you promote that the Pods can be used for legacy items like this situation, but then they don’t work reliably. Where is that wifi guarantee?

Re: Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@darkhrse  What is the quality of your Pod's Wi-Fi connection?  Try unplugging the Pod and checking the signal strength that you get with a mobile device from that location.  If the connection is weak, that would explain why the Pod is losing its connection.  Pods need to placed in a location where they still have a relatively strong connection to the gateway.  You can also fix such a problem by moving or re-orienting the gateway, and sometimes moving the gateway even just a few inches can make a huge difference.

Re: Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

I'm here a lot
POD is fine, Strong wifi connection, and if a device connects to it through wifi it works exactly as advertised. It’s ONLY the Ethernet connection that dies. POD continues to function as an extender but the hardwired items disappear from the network. So it has nothing to do with the wifi strength or location. This is a specific hardware or software failure.

Re: Ethernet Computer Connections with Rogers Pods Failure

Which generation Hue hub do you have, @darkhrse?


I have no experience with the Lutron but I have a first generation Hue hub and Phillip's officially terminated support for it a couple years back. Now, I can only get it to work locally. 


I've committed to switching to a different brand of smart light that doesn't require a hub once my Hue lights die. The lights are expensive enough without being tied to a hub that is supported for less time than the lifespan of the lights.




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