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No Show Install

I'm here a lot

Well this is not a great first impression - 

I was scheduled today for a 8am-10am install for Ignite Internet/TV. Received a text at 9am saying that technician was on the way.

10am comes, nobody shows up. I call tech support at 10:15, wait for 45m, and they say that the tech will be here by noon. 

1:30pm and I try tech support again. This time they say that the tech can't come today and they need to reschedule. 

Why wouldn't they call me? No explanation, no apology. 

No thanks, Rogers. I will just stay will Bell. Great way to lose a potential customer. 


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Re: No Show Install


Hello @mclearn,


Thank you for bringing this up to our attention! I am sincerely sorry to learn about your most recent installation experience. 


Has your service been installed since you last posted?


Please don't hesitate to notify us if you still need help with this matter. We would like the opportunity to make things right!


To do so, we'd need access to your account, therefore send a message to @CommunityHelps if you require further assistance. 


To learn how to send a private message, click here. Thanks!



Re: No Show Install

I just had my rescheduled appointment today. 

The good: the tech showed up. 

The bad: despite the website showing my house as fiber-ready (my neighbor has it), apparently it is not. The tech needs to call the fiber department to get them to run a line from the street. I am absolutely baffled as to why Rogers did not do this work beforehand. Now I have wasted TWO days. I am done with Rogers, what a joke. 

Re: No Show Install

@mclearn did you own the home when fibre was installed on your street?  If not, then the previous owner most likely refused permission to run the fibre cable.  That's on the owner, not Rogers.


Or, if you did own the home when the contractor was installing cable, perhaps you missed a permission notice that may have been dropped off at your home.  Without your installation permission, the contractor may have decided to skip the fibre cable run to your home. 

Re: No Show Install

I am the owner, yes. I recall then they were installing the fiber to my street (the contracts actually nicked my water main, which is another fun story). 


I didn't get any notice about running the line to my house. 


Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened on my street. This exact issue happened to my neighbor. It looks like they ran the fiber on the street and to the distribution boxes without running it to any residences, lol. Rogers doesn't seem to know who has fiber to their house and who doesn't. You would think they would have some kind of database. 

Re: No Show Install

Its possible that the contractor only ran the fibre conduits to the distribution cabinets.  If so, this is the cheaper solution, installing a fiber run to the house if and when required.   That's not so easy when the ground is frozen 😞


Fwiw, the Bell contractor running fibre in our neighbourhood nicked one of the two power cables running to our house, and then repaired it with electrical tape instead of calling Ontario or Ottawa Hydro to repair it properly.  The electrical tape fix decided to fail on the coldest day of the year (up to that point).  Without the furnace running due to the failure, the house became rather cool.  And, no fridge or freezer running as well.  Moral of the story, if the contractor breaks something, own up to it..... If not, it will cause problems down the road.  

Re: No Show Install

Ha! Probably the same 3rd party fiber contractor 🙂 Ours was done back in March of 2020 - I remember it being early pandemic and me and my wife setting an alarm to wake up every hour to bail water from the bottom of our driveway back to the street so it didn't flood our garage (we have a driveway that slopes down - house is a back split). The contractor never did fess up - the city had to fix it. 

Re: No Show Install

I've been around
This is the same trouble I'm facing. Neither do they inform and when I tried calling / chatting here is no one to response.

Re: No Show Install

Good morning @Ashj!


If you had a scheduled installation appointment and there was no call/no show, we can help. We do not see any PMs from you in our inbox, this post appears to be the only communication we've received from you here.


Please feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here




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