charges on my Rogers Bill

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Good day @Maggie2020,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community! I'm sorry to hear you received an invoice with unexpected charges. I understand the frustration generated by this situation. We therefore certainly want to try and help you resolve this, if it hasn't been yet.


Have you heard back from someone from our Management Office since submitting a complaint through the Share a Concern page?


We are saddened to see that you're considering cancelling your account with us due to this and we'd like the chance to review what took place more in depth. To do so, please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can access your account and get started. If you are not familiar with our private messaging system please click here.


Looking forward to your PM!



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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill



I am at my wits end. On my April bill there were $23 in Google charges on my Rogers tablet number. We didn’t even have the tablet on at that time. I immediately called Rogers and was told they could do nothing. I assured them I did not approve these charges and never purchased anything. Rogers informed me I had to contact Bango the payment company that does the billing. In addition, I had Rogers confirm to me that as of May 5th all third party charges would be blocked. Although this was annoying to deal with, it was only $23 and I was assured future charges were blocked.
I had to email the Bango company 4 times (over a span of 3 weeks) to finally get a reply. Bango informed me that since the charges were from google I had to deal with them directly. After searching our google play store it was evident that the charges were not there. A few days later our May bill came out. There was now $93 of fraudulent charges on our May bill as well. I immediately call Rogers and ask why, since I was informed there was a block on third party charges as of May 5th, and all of the charges had dates after May 5th. The agent on the phone told me that the block can take up to 2 weeks to apply, which in my opinion doesn’t make sense. In the meantime, I had gotten an email from google saying that I had to contact my carrier and obtain the “transaction ID or correlation ID” from my carrier that is associated with the charges so they could attempt to find them in their system. I asked Rogers for this information and they were unable to provide it and once again said that I had to contact the Bango company. After over 45 minutes on the phone I had to hang up without any answers. I then contacted Rogers over the live chat. I once again requested the transaction ID or correlation ID. (I did request this through Bango as well but they just sent back a generic message and they do no have a phone number I can call). The agent in the chat gave me numbers for the transaction ID that did not match the format google referred to when requesting this information. The agent also said there were charges applied already for June 7, and June 9. He told me that the block wasn’t on all possible places that the charges could come from, and added it for me. I also called Rogers again and had them change the number associated with the tablet. When the Rogers agent searched the tablet record he had found charges from 2018 for that number, even though we didn’t get the tablet until Sept 2019. I contacted google with the transaction IDs that Rogers gave me. They insist they have no record of these charges and once again said I had to contact Rogers. I am at my wits end and keep getting sent in circles by companies that have no real interest in helping me. After being a Rogers customer for many years I am so incredibly disappointed with the service. At one point on a recent call, I was given a $50 credit to my Rogers account. Although I appreciate the gesture, this amount is less than half of the charges that have been accrued and clearly the issue is still on going. We received the tablet “free of charge” for a promotion back in September. If I simply cancel that line we will have to pay the $200 device balance. It may come to this if I do not get this issue resolved, and in that case I can guarantee that when our phone contracts are over we will leave Rogers altogether.
To compound the problem, Rogers does not have email communications, and google and bango only have email communications. There is no way for me to send the messages from google to rogers. If these companies could somehow be in contact rather than having me as the middle man running in circles maybe there could be some sort of resolution.
I changed the number yesterday and I am planning to call later this week to see if any more charges have been added, if so I will have to bite the bullet and pay the cancellation fee for the device balance. This is just ridiculous that I receive no support from rogers other than sending me to other companies. The agent in the live chat could clearly tell the charges were fraudulent, but insisted that google had to do the research. Google says they cannot help. Bango also says they cannot help and are very slow to answer messages, and usually send generic responses.

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hello, @Jbeg17


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


It's really disappointing to hear about your experience trying to get these third-party charges resolved on your account. I can imagine how completely frustrating this entire ordeal has been,


We'd really like the opportunity to investigate this for you and see what can be done to get this resolved for you and try to make it right. We'll need to take a closer look at the notes on your file to determine what steps to take. If you have emails from Bango and Google that you can share with us we'd like to see those also. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started. You can send us screenshots via private message.


Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, Click Here.




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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing the same issues that I have!
Yes, still have...
This Carrier Direct Billing is awful. Seriously, dealing with three companies who for all intents and purposes, do not communicate with each other!
fI’ve spent over $9000 with Rogers in the last 12 months on my services, so I believe I have the right to speak out on issues with the system.
As you know I have been dealing with this issue for over 4 months and still have not been refunded all my fraudulent charges.
I'm still out $50 dollars which was supposed to be refunded by, but when I responded to there last email to go ahead with the refund, I never heard back from them since March. I've sent multiple emails but no response from them. And since there are no phone numbers to contact a live agent, you're screwed!
I appreciate the moderators here but they have no idea how to handle this situation.
I ended up paying the fraudulent charges on my Rogers bill assuming that Bango was going to refund me...Yeah, that did not work out!!!
The only way Rogers refunded the first batch of charges was I had a very good agent who felt bad for me because 1, she was the 5th agent I spoke to about the issue and 2, I just had the Rogers Ignite TV system installed and the techs screwed up some of my other Rogers services when the new TV system was installed and I had to fix them myself.
The only way the fraudulent charges stopped was at my suggestion, I asked an agent to change my tablet number. And speaking about Rogers agents, I had a few of them who gave me the most bizarre scenarios on how someone scammed me for the fraudulent movie charges on my account. They had no idea how this could happen without it being my fault.
Here is one example I have to share again: It was suggested to me by a Rogers agent that maybe, I’m serious about this, I could not make this up; “that maybe someone entered my home without my knowledge, took the SIM card out of the tablet and put it into another device; purchased the movies over 4 days, got back into my home without my knowledge and replaced the SIM card back into the tablet and left”. Seriously!!!
That was the most frustrating problem for me, that there was no way anyone had access to my tablet when these charges were happening.
Also, there were no transaction ID or correlation ID #’s with the charges, so basically no paper trail!
I sympathize with you Jbeg17, apparently, Rogers, Google, and have no idea themselves how these fraudulent charges happen and blame each other for them.
All I can suggest is keep on top of it and keep contacting them to fix the issue and try to get your charges refunded.
Another big issue I have is contacting, every time I reply to their emails it would bounce back saying that the email service has been blocked…(Rogers email address) so I had to make up a new email and copy n paste the previous email with the case#. And when I did get a response from Bango, it had a different case # which probably hindered their responses to my issue. But as I said before, they have not returned an email in months, so I’m pretty sure I’m out of the other fraudulent charges ($50).

I wish you the best of luck in getting your refund!



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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Rogers should do the right thing and refund customers these fraudulent charges directly and go after the third party for restitution and perhaps a penalty. Rogers, as  a corporation, has far more clout than individual customers.

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Just checked my phone bill and the same thing $58.00 for 4 movies through bango. I am shocked by all the fraudulence people are going through with this Bango as its happening a lot. Why can't Roger block this company from allowing these transactions to happen. So I am guess before I will get this resolved I will have a few more months of charges from Bango, It is obviously a fraud transaction as I see it all over the internet. Come on Rogers do something about this as this is not good and does not look good for you. I am thinking my contract is almost up and as I am reading more about this fraudulent transaction and how people are suffering and incurring so much dept from it I might as well just cancel my contract and pay you out, makes more sense instead of having to go through the headache the people above have had to go through. So very not impressed I was actually shopping over the weekend to get the next upgrade phone though Rogers. but from what I am reading and what I see on my bill today and reading the comments on the internet Rogers is allowing these fraudulent transactions to happen I am in shock and so ever disappointed.

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I'm having the exact same issue. Rogers is useless and will not even attempt to assist me in resolving this issue. What was the contact email you used for Google?

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hello @Snoble


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forums! 


We know how unpleasant it can be to see unexpected charges on your invoice, you have come to the right place. 


Have you contacted Bango to request a refund of the charges? 
You can find their contact information  in the “Details of third party charges” section of your bill.

Did you know that you can require a password or authentication for purchases? You can find the steps on how to add password protection against unwanted in-app purchases here


@ , welcome to the Community! I see you've reached out to us via private message, we'll be happy to continue the conversation there.



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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I highly recommend changing the number associated with the device. It won’t fix anything that’s already happened but so far there haven’t been any more fraudulent charges since we’ve changed the number.
When contacting google I used this email, but ultimately they were not able to help as they had no record of the charges:
I wish everyone the best of luck, I understand the stress these issues can cause.

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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hi there,
I went in store today and told them about this entire scam. She said she would be able to credit me back once she talked to a manager. I changed my phone # and email associated with the rogers bill and I've already switched the authentication process on my google play accounts btw