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I plan to stick around

Greetings All,
I have been billed close to $100 for movie purchases and rentals that I never made from a tablet number that the SIM card has been removed from.
Rogers tells me they can't do anything as I have to contact Bango since they are the provider and Google because it was their movies.
I never heard of Bango until today and there are no confirmation emails on my google email address connected to my tablet.
How do I get a refund and how do I stop this from happening again.
And no, my email address has not been compromised!





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Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

@RogersYasmine @CommunityHelps  I did some searching and found this November, 2013 press release:


Based on this, it looks like Rogers has a business relationship with Bango where you pre-enroll all of your Android customers.

Bango and Rogers Wireless announce that they have launched operator billing for users of Google Play in Canada. Rogers subscribers can now buy digital content using one-click payment from Bango, paying on their phone bill, without the need to register personal details, send SMS messages or enter credit card details.  Following a staged rollout, the service is now available to 100% of Rogers’ Google Play subscribers.


If this is still the case, how do you either opt out, de-authorize, block or sever the link with Bango?  It sounds like pre-authorized direct carrier billing is more trouble than it is worth.

Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hey there, @-G-!


How's it going? I hope all is well at your end, with you and your loved ones.  😊


This is a great question! From what I understand, when a customer registers for a paid app via Google Play, it automatically defaults to  direct carrier billing. In this case, it would be automatically billed on your Rogers invoice if we are your carrier. However, you may change this setting to another method of payment within the Google Play app if you wish.


As mentioned in my previous post here, you can also apply password protect against unwanted in-app purchases. Please see here:


Also, if you would like to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps, we can assist with blocking any billing for third party content on your wireless line(s) if required. 


I hope this answers your question!




Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

@RogersYasmine  Thanks very much for that info!  I don't have an Android phone (I am an iPhone user) so I was mainly asking on behalf of those that do, and also for my own curiosity.


To me, it looked like these charges came as a total surprise to these other users.  I was interested in knowing if it was  possible to have a Rogers (or Fido) account set up in such a way that any direct-carrier billing could be rejected unless we explicitly permit it on a case-by-case basis.

Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I just want to remind everyone especially the Rogers folks that these bango charges are fraud, the scam is called cramming. It’s unbelievable Rogers is still letting all this happen to its new and current customers. Very disappointed to keep seeing people getting scammed.

Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I'm here a lot
Can you clear all 3rd party

Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

I've been around

Did you get this resolved? As I seem to be experiencing the same issue!

Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hello @Zup5g,


I'm not too sure which user you are referring to here? Going forward, please be sure to 'reply' directly to the user's post with whom you are making a comment or asking a question to ensure they get an alert. I would also recommend reading through the entire thread as someone may have already addressed your question or concern there. 🙂


I also wanted to direct you to this post for reference. It includes some helpful advice. 


You'll be happy to learn that if you are currently subscribed to any Google Play services through your Rogers bill, this has been decommissioned through Rogers effective on December 31st, 2022. For more details, please click here


Kind regards,



Re: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hi Yasmine, I just spent an hour on the phone with rogers business and it appears the business accounts don't have the ability to block 3rd party purchases. Also, a charge went through on Jan 18th 2023, so the "service" has not been blocked for business accounts

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