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Rogers Account Negative Balance

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Hi, I’m new to rogers and I noticed that my account balance on the app is negative? What does that mean?



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Re: Rogers Account Negative Balance

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As with most providers, a negative balance means your account is overpaid and Rogers owes you money.

Obviously, I don't know your specific circumstances as to why, but the "credit" will be applied on your next bill.

So, if your next bill is 100, and you have a -$10 balance, your amount owing would be $90.

Re: Rogers Account Negative Balance

This is helpful. My follow-up question is: where/how do they pay that out to you? In my case, I cancelled my Rogers account and returned my internet equipment so they credited my account. Will they send the money to my credit card on file? I'm just hoping it isn't some credit that can be used only if I become a Rogers customer again.

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Re: Rogers Account Negative Balance

Hello @darrentelephone!

Refunds for a negative balance on cancelled accounts are issued automatically by a cheque in the account holder’s name and sent to the address on file. This can take up to 6 weeks from the date of cancellation.


If you do not receive your refund within the allotted timeframe, please feel free to reach out for assistance.

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