charges on my Rogers Bill

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 54 charges on my Rogers Bill

Greetings All,
I have been billed close to $100 for movie purchases and rentals that I never made from a tablet number that the SIM card has been removed from.
Rogers tells me they can't do anything as I have to contact Bango since they are the provider and Google because it was their movies.
I never heard of Bango until today and there are no confirmation emails on my google email address connected to my tablet.
How do I get a refund and how do I stop this from happening again.
And no, my email address has not been compromised!





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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hello @Xdj,


Thank you for posting your query in the Rogers Community Forums. 


Does your monthly invoice indicate that the charges were billed to the tablet line? Is there anyone else who would have access to your tablet? For any questions about the billing or support with the application, you would have to refer to the provider’s contact information in the “Details of third party charges” section of your bill.


If you'd like us to block third party charges on your account please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to do so.






I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

Hi RogersZia,

The tablet has been off for months without the SIM card in it, so there is no access to Data with it.

No one in my family has access to it since they all have their own devices!

And yes, the charges were on the tablet's phone number (Data number if you prefer).

I have never received a confirmation email to say I purchased a movie or rented one...which I haven't!

It makes no sense how this happened and when I called Rogers earlier today, they said they can not do anything!

because I've never have used the tablet for anything except for email and browsing the internet in bed. It hasn't even left my house in two years since I got it!

It makes no sense.....

How do I know it's not happening right now? There's no way to find out!!!!





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Resident Expert
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

I am wondering if the google account is tied with the phone number, etc overall?

If your google account was compromised, then they could be using it to purchase the movies, etc?
You might not be seeing the emails, if again they have access to the account, and were in the email and have deleted them?

I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

Valid point, but if a google account is accessed by an unknown device, I would have received an alert, which I never received!
The tablet and my phone are tied to the same google account.
Plus, there are no records in my google account of movie purchases and it was last used a year ago. You can not delete that record!



I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill



For anyone following this issue I have an update:

Bango returned my email but they needed more info, like my mobile number for the device used and model of the device.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Google.

I spoke to another Rogers agent today. I wanted them to suspend Direct Carrier Billing on the phone number that was billed for the movies.

The agent was quite surprised when he walked me through my Google Play account and there were no records of the movies rented/purchased through the account attached to my tablet. The last activity was over a year ago. And I have a credit on the account from a gift card I received a couple of years ago.

So, at this point, I have to pay my Rogers bill with the extra $100 on it until I hear back from Google and Bango. I'm hoping I get a refund or.....I guess I'm not sure what I'll do!



I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

Greetings to All,

Update on Third-Party charges and Direct Carrier Billing.

So, Google got back to me via email because there isn’t a phone number to contact them for help. They are looking for transaction #’s for the movies on my Roger’s bill. Guess what, there are none.

I spent 90 minutes speaking to a Rogers rep trying to figure out how these changes are happening. He could not find the transaction numbers Google is looking for either.

Google asked me if anyone had access to my tablet, and again, I told them in my reply that no, no one has access to my device besides myself, and I did not buy/rent any movies which is proven by a lack of activities on my Google Play account this year! So, if I or anyone else used my tablet to order said movies, there would be a record of it! When you think of it, if I did purchase/rent them, where are the links to download/watch them? Guess what, direct carrier billing isn’t even active on my Google Play account!

Now Google is looking for the exact same information I sent to them yesterday for today. I guess they don’t read their forms thoroughly!!!

How is this happening? I only have one Google Play account which shows no records of activities this year. Charges Google can’t explain. hasn’t gotten back to me with any updates from our last correspondence. And Rogers is looking for payment…Very frustrating!!!

Today's conversation with Rogers unearthed more unauthorized activities that will be on my next month's bill!

So how do I prevent this from happening again and again when there’s no paper trail from the transactions…I suggested a new mobile number to replace the number that is getting billed! And so, Rogers changed the number for me. But I’m still stuck with almost $150 worth of movies and the mystery of what  is going on!

Now for some humour on the subject: It was suggested to me by a Rogers agent that maybe, I’m serious about this, I could not make this up; that maybe someone entered my home without my knowledge, took the SIM card out of the tablet and put it into another device; purchased the movies over 4 days, got back into my home without my knowledge and replaced the SIM card back into the tablet and left.

The rep was serious…can you believe that? First, I was home for all the days of unauthorized access happened. Plus, I have a security system with cameras. I’m pretty sure no one accessed my home without my knowledge!!!

I think that was a subtle way of saying they don’t believe me!!!!

FYI, my background is in electronics engineering and have close to 30 years in the computer/IT field with system/network administration experience. I have experienced erroneous network issues before as well as POS systems with payment terminals (Credit/debit card pin pads) problems. But this issue is a head-scratcher! And with 3 parties involved, it just makes things worse. Everybody’s pointing fingers at each other….

I think that’s it…until next time.




I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill


I heard back from Bango today:


Thank you for this information!
The charges you have received were due to purchases made for apps or for premium content within such apps. I have checked your account and I can confirm that the charges you have received were due to purchases made in the Google Play Store.
Please find below more details about the latest purchases:
Name of the purchase: Ford v Ferrari
Link to the purchase:
Are there any other Google accounts on the device? 
Here is a Support Article by Google on how to view your purchase history: (If you have multiple devices on your account, we recommend checking each Google account.)
You can also prevent accidental purchases on the Google Play Store by setting up password protection for all your purchases:
Additionally, we can place a payment blocker on your account to prevent further charges.
Please let us know if you would like this payment blocker added or if you require any other assistance.

Kind Regards,

Bango Support"


So, they say the purchases were made through the Google Play Store. Very interesting, because nothing has been purchased from my Google Play account since last year! I ONLY have one Play account. Not sure where they are getting that information from. Also, according to, "Carrier billing typically uses a two-factor authentication method. The user enters his mobile number and receives a one-time password via text message to complete credentials."

Yeah, that never happened!!! Also, Direct Carrier Billing is not an option for my payments, only a credit card.

Just a reminder, I have never heard of direct carrier billing until a few days ago!

 And if I but a block on transactions on my account, I will no longer be able to make legit purchases! 


Google got back to me as well today:



Thank you for your reply.

I appreciate your effort in sending the screenshot.

In order to proceed further with this refund request, Could you please contact Direct Carrier Billing (Mobile service provider) and provide us with the Correlation ID to resolve this issue?

Awaiting for your response!



This is a joke because my previous email to Google stated that I spent 90 minutes with a Rogers agent trying to find the Transaction#'s and Correlation ID's for the movies but to no avail. I guess they don't keep track of them? You see, there's no paper trail for all these purchases on my end. No order history in my Google Play account, no emails or texts. No authentication what so ever for the purchases..... So how do they know it's from my Google Play account? How the heck does it appear on my Rogers Bill? Does Rogers take it in faith, there's got be some sort of tracking process.

How is this happening?

And to make things clear with everyone, consider my device that's in question, is locked in a safe and I'm the only one with the combination! No one has access to my device!

And just for argument sakes, if someone did use my device or me, why aren't there any order history records for transactions in my Google Play account???

Google (Alphabet) is one of the largest companies in the world and there are no phone numbers to contact them for support! 

Now the total for all rentals/purchases is $150. There are 3 more movies that will be on my next bill. 

Will this ever end?








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I Plan to Stick Around
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill


Still waiting to hear back from by email, I responded to their questions on Friday.

I actually got a call back from Google on Saturday night. They needed the Transaction #'s/Correlation ID's from the movie purchases. 

So, I told them there are none so they wanted Roger's phone number so they could call them and get me on the line as well to figure things out.

There I was on hold for a while, 15-20 minutes later a Rogers agent is on the line. A little confused I explain the whole situation, (5th agent over 4 days), and asked if they had spoken to a Google rep. and the Roger's agent hadn't spoken to a google rep so I explained what they wanted to know.

After explaining everything to Roger's about the unauthorized movie charges on my bill and the issues of my new ignite TV install earlier that day, she actually removed the charges for me.

Wow, was I surprised and very grateful because it was taking too long to communicate with three companies and myself as the middle man for something no one could understand what was going on! (If you don't know what happened, go to the first post)

They also blocked all third party purchases on all my lines so hopefully, this doesn't happen again. Also, the number that was being charged for the movies was changed so it's not connected to my account.

I'm happy Rogers took control of the situation but it's still a mystery how I was being charged for movies that literally just showed up on my account without any paper trail or confirmations on the purchases.

There is a flaw somewhere in the system and it needs to be fixed! As I pointed out, I only use a credit card for my online transaction just for this reason!

The movies were supposedly purchased through my Google Play account and charged via direct carrier billing to Rogers, but there are no charges in my Play account, no transaction history what so ever!!!



I've Been Here Awhile
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RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

I’m a new Rogers customer, I got my phone in September 2019. Around December, I noticed my phone bill was getting incredibly high but I thought that I had over used my data or something, so I paid it. These charges average at about $100 extra on top of my phone bill now and have been happening every month since around December to now. When I checked my bill I noticed I was being charged third party fees for a game I was not playing or have even heard of. So I contacted Rogers who insisted it was me doing it to which I said it was not. They gave me the contact information for the game and told me to take it up with them. So I wrote them an email and got the information that these third party charges are coming off google play store. I wrote on “share a concern” and got a number to call. So I called and was informed that I would be getting a full refund from google by the Rogers representative who called on my behalf. I was also told that someone has contacted Rogers in November and changed all my account information to fraudulent information. These people have had access to my account for months and I have not known or been informed by Rogers of any changes. I changed my passwords and set up a pin on the account for when I call. I was told that this fraudulent information was removed from my account and mine was replacing it. I called again a few days later after not hearing back about my refund expressing concerns that google may have the wrong information because of this fraud. They insisted it was my information on my account. A couple days later, I checked my information on my Rogers app and noticed that all the information was still this fraudulent persons pretending to be me. So I edited out what I could by myself and immediately contacted Rogers about it. They told me they were opening a fraud case about what had happened, two weeks after my initial call with Rogers. They told me I would have to wait until the fraud department finished the case. To date I still have not heard back from either party on what is happening with my case.

Now I think it’s worth while and cheaper to close my Rogers account completely instead of having to continue to pay for these third party charges from this fraudulent activity.

My family have been Rogers customers for years and I have had the worst experience so far. I am extremely unhappy. I do not know how to get their attention and take this seriously so I am posting here.