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Rogers App and Data Tracking

I've been here awhile

I was hoping to raise a concern regarding tracking data...

It appears to be that once you add on a data pass to your account mid-cycle, you're no longer able to track your usage.

The message displayed in my case is "Since you made a recent change, usage details won't be available till your next cycle"

The issue is this - if someone has run out and added more data, doesn't it make sense that this is when they'll need more of an ability to track their consumption so they do not run out again?

The app is generally great but this seems like a huge flaw in design - If I go over both my allotted data and potentially the add-on, I shouldn't have to wait till I exceed $50 in overages to know I'm over. I'd instead want to look at the app and stop myself from going over.

Or perhaps there's something I'm missing?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks



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Re: Rogers App and Data Tracking


Greetings @Chimdi,


Great post! 👍


When you say "data pass" are you referring to our Monthly Data Top-ups? If so, you are correct that the Data Manager available through the MyRogers app and website will not show any data usage details until your current billing cycle ends and the new one begins. Unfortunately, this is the case when any of the following actions are completed mid-billing cycle:


  • Bill cycle change
  • Transfer of Responsibility
  • Telephone number change
  • Telephone number transfer
  • Price plan change (including adding or removing a line from the Share Everything or Rogers Infinite plan within the same account)
  • The first month of adding an Infinite Plan 

I understand your concern over wanting to be able to keep track of your data, even when a change has been made to your service. Hopefully, this can be implemented for our Data Manager service in the future. Please keep in mind that once you add a Data Top-up, you should still receive another data usage notification once you reach the applicable thresholds of your data plan and data top-up combined (90%/100%). 


As always, we appreciate the honest feedback and will forward it to the appropriate department for review and consideration! 🙂



Re: Rogers App and Data Tracking

MyRogers mobile iOS App Not Working!!!!


MyRogers is showing me data at reduced speeds, 0GB max data when I’ve only used 2GB of my 10GB. And now the speed is running super slow. Less than 5mbps.

Re: Rogers App and Data Tracking

Good evening @Anxthxny,


Welcome to the Community!


I hope you'll enjoy the no-overages aspect of the new plan. Did you make the price plan change recently? If it was close to the billing cycle end date you may not have had the full 10GB to use for the month. I would recommend you to check your bill cycle dates on MyRogers.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.





Re: Rogers App and Data Tracking

I plan to stick around

I hope the Rogers app does no tracking of what I do on my phone.  I was forced to download it because I could not change anything in my router, and if it tracking, come get your stuff out of my house and delete my account

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