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Frequent Connect and Disconnects to Internet

So I switched over from Bell to Rogers and I keep getting these frequent disconnects and reconnect to the internet. I ran a ping test and trace route which can be found below. I had a rogers technician switch out the modem but that did not solve the ...

522606 by I've Been Around
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Pathetic Internet and Customer service

Hi Team Rogers, I am a customer of Rogers Ignite Internet Services @ Mirabella Condominiums Located at LakeShore Blvd Etobicoke. I have placed several complaints in the past 2 weeks regarding internet installation in my condo, however, All my complai...

Rural Internet

So rogers convinced to get an ignite modem for our cottage (2 hour drive) from home.. we're not there today.... 8:00 and wifi remote components go down..Fortunately a neighbor goes over walks through all the trouble shooting steps with (the 5th onlin...

John8888 by I've Been Here Awhile
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Ignite Wifi Gateway (Arris XB6) vs. Old Hitron Gateway

We recently got the ignite bundle with tv and internet, we cancelled it because we were mislead and are sticking with legacy internet with Hitron modem. I still have the Arris XB6 and ignite tv box unopened. i know i have to return the TV box, but wh...

imeem by I Plan to Stick Around
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Internet/Cable issues L5N

We are having terrible issues in our neighborhood.  Only getting 1/2 of my internet speed (direct wired) to the main computer/modem.  In the evening it becomes almost unusable elsewhere in the house.  My son cannot game,  Our cable freezes/glitches/b...

sharryan by I've Been Here Awhile
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Rogers homepage and login issues

Anybody having issues with their Rogers homepage not loading and then not being able to login to see emails? I've reset my modem, cleared cookies and cache, nothing works. Still getting the error of username/password not found.   **Labels Added**    

Emails Going to Spam

Why are most of my emails going directly into Trash?   **Labels Added**    

3428 by I've Been Here Awhile
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Resolved! Downgrading XB8 to XB7 issue

I have issue with my XB8 and need to replace the modem that its not available. Technician telling me they can't downgrade XB8 to XB7!! Anyone here seen this issue and know how to get around it? Rogers tech support is clueless and and hoping someone w...

seadooxp30 by I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Hi, I don't have a smart phone & want to access my ignite gateway info. When I try to access the website, it takes me to a download page for devices. How do I access the info. via my Win 10 desktop? Thanks, Nick.

IMAP Servers stopped working

Email was working a few hours ago- Helpdesk does not seem to know what going on.   ***Edited Labels***

formoso2 by I've Been Around
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2.4GHz WiFi loses Internet connectivity but 5GHz is fine

Hi!   I'm having a new problem that recently just started happening that I need some help with:    Since Feb 28, 2022, the 2.4 GHz Wifi network band has stopped supplying Internet connectivity from my Rogers Hitron CODA modem. The 2.4 GHz connection ...

Safe Sender List

A company I buy services from sends messages to me but they never seems to arrive.  The company says it has had similar non-receipt problems when sending to an email address. They say the problem can be solved by adding their email addres...

i75Dave by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 9 replies

Ping Spikes on ethernet randomly throughout day

I'm a little tired of this issue to be honest. It's been ongoing for 3 weeks. I've had 2 technicians come out so far. The first technician took out a coaxial splitter, it didn't change much. The issue seems to be worse during around 8-12 at night. It...

Screenshot 2022-11-04 213314.png Screenshot 2022-11-04 213337.png Screenshot 2022-11-04 214000-after-kicking-everyone-off-netowrk.png speedtest.png

Modem offline?

Hi everyone, my CODA-4582 modem went offline and didn't go back online. I had already reset the modem to factory default settings and still offline.   Is there an activity this morning's maintenance window and this is expected or I have a faulty mode...

ybrik by I Plan to Stick Around
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Wifi pods - not connecting after new modem installed

My Rogers ignite internet was spotty, dropping wifi on a regular basis. Got a new modem today, 2nd gen I think the Tech said. He also said that the 1st gen wifi pods would work with this modem, just unplug them plug back in and you are good to go.  W...

cncp by I Plan to Stick Around
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XB7 modem (Arris TG4482A) fan speed

Hello,Yesterday I replaced my Hitron Coda 4582 with XB7 modem and noticed that fan inside the XB7 running at full speed all the time, modem is worm not hot, the spinning fan it's very loud, I can hear it in the next room. Restarting modem doesn't hel...

krotki by I'm Here A Lot
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