Node Congestion

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I'm an Enthusiast
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Re: Node Congestion

How to do a test on node to see if I’m also getting congestion issues because in the last month or more we have been getting slower speeds with higher pings
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Node Congestion

Luckily for me this neighborhood is less congested.. More than likely because BELL fibre to home is available.


People all over Toronto that I know from various neighborhoods have the same issues. A lot of people don't notice because all they do is stream spotify and Netflix. 


I assume they changed the way gaming traffic is prioritized to contain the uproar online from gamers. But the issues remain and you can expect network cuts and this will impact your VPNs, video calls, voip SIP traffic etc...


Hopefully you can get a substantial credit/monthly discount


I was in the same boat and changed neighborhoods and it is better as I mentioned. I feel your pain from the countless hours wasted trying to resolve this.