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Bulk services activation and Internet Modem Install

I've been here awhile
Bulk services activation and Modem Install

Very disappointed (is not the actual term for what I am going through right now), 

There is minimal responsibility or ownership from Rogers in terms of assisting or solutioning.

From a consumers POV this  is straightforward. call Bulk services  --> set up appointment --> tech installs modem. 

This entire process is not streamlined from calling to setting up an appointment, I've been bounced around several departments with no solution in sight, as they say

(1) there is a pending order, cant circumvent that

(2) the appointment dates are grayed out

(3) I just cant do it

(4) try contacting MDUsales

(5) wait period is 90 days for an appointment,

and to ensure they seem like working they acknowledge me for my patience (WHY ????) 


Bulk services, MDU team, rogers customer care --> all hopeless and one thing is common they all apologize that the work is not theirs to do. (How absurd). The name rogers is  now like some lingering headache. All the numbers and emails (hopeless).


1 888 764 ****

1 855 759 ****

1 866 567 ****


I need a solution, I work from Home and the condo provides rogers as their provider. why is then super hard to get/activate the service when am already paying for this in my maintenance fees?


Figure out a solution, do something. 


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Re: Bulk services activation and Internet Modem Install

I've been around

Waiting for 2 weeks now still cant get internet set-up under bulk agreement. They keep saying there is no calendar availability. They have escalated and cant do anything. Called 10 times same answer. Feels like a scam. Remote work good luck...the answer I get is cant do anything. There are not even letting me move my current plan in my house to my new location.

Re: Bulk services activation and Internet Modem Install


Good day @nn21@spalit,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you both for posting about your situations. We're truly sorry for the trouble you have faced getting your services installed.


Has the situation evolved since Friday? We surely want to assist you further, if need be.


Were you made aware of the reason why your service cannot be installed?


We would need a little bit more information from you, in order to help you resolve this matter.


Additionally, you can reach our team in charge of bulk accounts, by dialing their toll-free number: 1-855-759-5856


Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 8  AM to 8 PM (ET)

Saturday: 8 AM to 6 PM (ET)

Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM (ET)





Re: Internet and Cable Bulk Agreement

Good afternoon @spalit!


I am sorry to hear about this delay in getting your services installed.


I would recommend that you contact our Bulk Customer Care Specialists at their Toll-free Number: 1-855-759-5856.




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