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Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

I've been here awhile

I have been experiencing intermittent disconnects of internet service for a few minutes at a time and have replaced the CODA-4582U with no improvement. The modem is is bridged mode and after reading some of the other posts I believe there may be a signal issue. I was able to capture the following info from the DOCSIS Event log today and was hoping someone could interpret and point me in the right direction to resolve the issue.


Thanks for your help. 


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Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

I plan to stick around

The reasons for the intermittent disconnects is probably because there is a staple that has punctured the coax cable. Inspect your cable if it's stapled along a wall anywhere in your home.

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

We r 5 students in an apartment. We were sold a business internet package of 500mbps at a good price. After 2 months the connection keeps going off 5-6 times a day. This is a huge problem as we have online classes n meetings and our exams beginning in two weeks. I reached out to rogers cc and they said that I have legacy internet service that offers outdated old Hitron modem. They were asking me to get ignite package, which is not possible with my current financial situation! what do I do? please help. He also asked to see if I can buy 3rd party moderm. PLEASE HELP!!

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

@priancasing what modem do you have. The modems used by Rogers can be seen on this page:


Internet Support | Rogers


The "legacy" Hitron modems are absolutely fine, as long as they have adequate signal levels into and out of the modem.  If your downstream signal levels are a problem, then its up to Rogers techs to determine what the problem is and fix it.  You're being upsold by tech support.  It appears that tech support is promising that the problems will "disappear" if you were to spend more money and install the Ignite package.  I don't believe that for a second, and I run a "legacy" Hitron CODA-4582 in Bridge mode with a router behind it.  That combination is rock solid, at least for the neighbourhood that I live in. 


Ok, the problem at hand is to determine if you have a wifi problem, if all of you are using wifi only, or if there is a cable problem which would see disconnects as well for ethernet connected devices.  


So, in addition to the modem type question, are all of you seeing disconnects on:

1.  Wifi only; or

2.  Ethernet only; or

3.  both?


Can you log into the modem and navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab.  Copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into a post.  To do that park you curser in front of the "Downstream Overview" line.  Hold down the shift key and scroll down, and to the right so that you select all of the Downstream and Upstream data, all in one go.  If you have a white Hitron CODA-4582 modem you will see an OFDM/OFDMA Overview section at the bottom.  Go all the way down to the bottom right hand corner of that table or in the case of a CGN3 type of modem, to the bottom right hand corner of the Upstream Overview section.  When all of the table data is selected (include all of the subsections) release the shift key, right click in the selected area "Copy".  In a new post, right click .... select Paste.  The whole table, with all of the subsections should paste into the post and look as they do in the modem's user interface.  You can use your mouse to scroll down thru the tables or use the down and right arrow keys to navigate all the way to the bottom of the table.  


Beyond that, using an ethernet connected pc or laptop, you can ping the Cable Modem Termination System to determine the packet loss for an extended period of time.  With the modem in its default Gateway mode, a trace to anywhere will show the modem as hop #1 and the CMTS as hop #2.  At  a command prompt, run the following trace:


tracert -4


Use the second hop address for the ping command:


ping -t  where is the second hop IP address from the trace.


That will run a ping test until you stop it by using Ctrl c.   Let that run for at least an hour.  If you can, let it run for several hours.  Note the start and stop times as the top start data will scroll out of view of the command prompt box if you run the test long enough.  After you stop the test, select the bottom test result.  Scroll from the start to the end of the test result data.  Use Ctrl c to copy the test result.  Paste that into a post as well.  That will show how good or bad the packet loss happens to be, from your pc to the basement utility room, or to the neighbourhood node, depending on how large the apartment building happens to be.  For a large apartment building, there will usually be a Multi-Dwelling Unit in the utility room providing data services to all of the connected apartments.  If that MDU has a technical problem, it won't matter what modem you have, they will be equally affected.  If this is the case, then you need a technician who is qualified to troubleshoot MDUs.  I don't believe that contract techs are allowed to touch an MDU, other than connecting or disconnecting customers.  Beyond that, you need a qualified Rogers tech.  


Ok, that should keep you busy for a day or two.  Please post the results and lets see what happens.  


In terms of calling tech support or using twitter, if you have the time, whenever you have a disconnect, register a complaint.  Don't hesitate to call or use the direct message route.  That will build a history of poor performance in a hurry, which should get the point across that you need a tech, not a modem upgrade.  


If you determine that the issue is a wifi issue, not a cable signal issue, that's a different consideration, tied to channel selection and power output, which are related.  


Other food for thought, with a Hitron modem you have the ability to disable IPV6 usage.  If you log into the modem and navigate to the BASIC .... GATEWAY FUNCTION, you should see the modem operating in Dual Router mode, running IPV4 and IPV6.  You can change that to IPV4 only and save the changes.  The modem will take a couple of minutes to drop IPV6 addressing.  I usually run a modem reboot as well, which can be done thru the ADMIN .... DEVICE RESET .... Reboot function.  After that, all of the connected devices should be rebooted in order to drop the IPV6 addressing. 


What this will do is help determine if you have a potential cable problem or an IPV6 issue at the CMTS.  IPV6 issues come up from time to time.  They are hard to diagnose and harder to get Rogers Network Engineers to fix them.  You shouldn't run into any problems using IPV4 only, but, anyone using an XBOX might not be able to connect to their online partners if those partners are running IPV4 and IPV6.  IPV6 would be the preferred mode for the XBOX, but, you can't tell what the XBOX uses from one game to the next as it chooses whatever path meets its criteria for gaming.  That could be IPV4, IPV6 or Toredo.  


Ok, that should do it for now. 

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

@priancasing if you have a  business account, you should be talking with the business tech support staff, not the normal residential tech support.  The business accounts should come with a Service Level Agreement which spells out the tech support provided to the customers.  With a business account, you should see faster tech support in terms of the field techs which are dispatched to resolve issues.  


Here's a starting point:


Technical Support | Rogers Preferred Program & Small Business



Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

I've been around

My modem is brand new from Rogers and a tech came last week to change the cables outside from the pole to my modem, but the intermittent disconnection is still there.

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

I've been here awhile

Exactly the same same issue.  Two cable changes, still disconnects throughout the day.  Have rogers business  internet as well and no one seems to know what it is or how to fix it.  I don't understand how they stayed in business this long.  

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

@Dusan78 when you call in, are you calling the residential or business tech support?  Here's a reference page:


Rogers for Business - Contact Us | Rogers


The contact number indicated is 1-866-727-2141


I don't know if thats a business tech support number only, or if its combined with residential support. 


When you say that you've had two cable changes, are you referring to the external cable?  And, do you have underground or overhead cabling at your location?


With the 4582 modem you can copy and post the signal levels for the modem.  If you can do that, it would be helpful.  If you can log into the modem (if it lets you), navigate to the DOCSIS WAN tab.  Park your curser in front of the Downstream Overview line.  Hold down the shift key and scroll down and to the right, to the very bottom of the OFDMA overview which is at the bottom of all of the table sections.  Release the shift key and use Ctrl c to copy the entire selected data area.  In a post, use Ctrl v to paste in the data.  It should look like the data tables in the modem's user interface.  


Note that if you've already had a couple of tech visits, and I'm presuming that those were contractor visits, you should be able to ask for a Senior Tech (real Rogers tech).  If you've had the external cable replaced twice already, then its time to look further upstream, starting with the local tap, which that external cable connects to, and looking further upstream from there.  Replacing modems and external cables again and again have obviously done nothing, its time to look further upstream, which will most likely require a Senior Tech or perhaps a Maintenance Crew.

Re: Intermittent disconnects - CODA-4582U

I've been here awhile

Thank you for the quick reply...

I definitely call the business support.  First call the lady said, I can see there is something wrong with the signal to the modem and she sent out a tech.

First tech visit after the July 8th outage when the service became useless....Tech came and started debating with me that everything was ok because speedtest showed decent results.  I explained why those tests aren't reliable and to use tests as they represent true internet speed and were showing 1to150-mbit down and 1to 5mbit upload when we had a stable 4 to 600mbit and 50mbit.  Then of course the latency...Finally I convinced the tech to properly test the cable to the tap and he did.  After all the rogers phone support said there is something wrong with the signal to the modem.

 He said, oh wow your cable is trash and he went and put an overhead temporary one from the tap to the house.  It worked amazing.  Our internet was fast, latency was low and during two or three days there was little connection drops.  Not perfect but, a lot better.


Than crew came put a new cable underground.  Again same problems started.  Slower internet, major dropped connections and just overall terrible and unusable service.  I called again and new guy came and we went through the same thing, He checked the line and said, yes there is noise in the cable and tested the new temp cable which was working much better.  So another overhead cable was put....Was better but, not as good as the first and we still had dropping connection but, speed was better.  


Another crew came and said your underground cable is good and was about to unplug the overhead cable and  just plug the same underground one which last tech said wasn't good and disconnected.  And of course I did not allow that and tried to explained all this...All of these techs spoke very limited English and communicating with them was really difficult.  


I am not able to log into the modem, I have tried and in fact it's how I found this forum and all the other people complaining about connection drops throughout the day.  We got the business service because it's crucial for us to have a stable internet.  All of these major problems started after day long July 8th outage.  I don't think this is only a cable problem and now tracking the service I can see latency and connection go crazy during times and then it's ok during other times.  You have to keep testing every second over 24h or days to get a whole picture...


I sent graphs and log files in reply to email wanting to close my ticked and haven't received anything in response until yesterdays reply to my 4th emails asking to give me a different model modem.  They replied they can exchange the modem but, I think they will give me the same one which again I don't think would do anything.


Anyways, that's the story...So much time wasted on this.  Now waiting for new Rogers tech crew to deal with overhead cable,  Don't know what they will do.