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Resolved! Why a hard credit check for existing holder?

I already have gone through a hard credit check when I opened my new account with Roger’s. I also added my wife as a secondary line to my primary account. Now, I’m trying to get home internet and was informed I’ll have to go through credit check agai...

Maunil95 by I've been here awhile
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Roam like home charges while on airplane mode

I have been charged 3 roams when I never turned airplane mode off. How is that possible and has happen last 2 trips home. Was told I have to pay it because I got kicked off wifi at times. Please explain why I would stay with you   **Labels Added**   ...

Resolved! 5 Free Roam Like Home Days?

Enjoy 1 Roam Like Home Day on us!   I am travelling to Mexico soon. I should have 5 free roam like home days since I have a Rogers World Elite Mastercard. How can I confirm that I have these days before I travel?       ***Edited Labels***

Need to get the price down on my bundled package!

Presently have internet, phone and tv. Half decent package that is going increase significantly later this month. How do I go about finding a reduced package -smaller tv package, phone and internet. There doesn't seem to be anything available to curr...

password by I plan to stick around
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Horrible customer service

I have been on hold to speak to a customer service representative 1:09:52z. Over a friggin hour this is terrible, horrendous service.I also tried to get help with chat on-line no response there either (been waiting 32 mins for someone to respond.This...

Worst customer care experience

I have called Rogers customer care past 4 times for the renewal of the Smart Home Monitoring contract waiting for 90minutes 3 times they say not our department transferring to them and never do. 4th time they say system is down call tomorrow will do ...

Bharajes by I've been here awhile
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Upfront Edge

I would like to pay out the rest of my financed amount for my mobile device so I do not have to do so at the end of my 2 year contract. Is this possible? If so, after i have paid the $520 for keeping the device and the final amount of financed amount...

Lexiyangg by I've been around
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Hardware Upgrade - Feedback

Why is it so hard to get a straight answer on upgrading especially at a deal time like black Friday, cyber Monday.I'm ok with waiting to get contacted but why should I have to email . Over 8 times, phone over 10 times , text, get the run around. Tran...

10GB bonus data removed

In October 2022 I was offered 10GB bonus data for my loyalty with Rogers - it stated it would be effective immediately and for 18 monthsIn July 2023 I was sent a text from Rogers stating that the 10Gb data bonus would continue to renew monthly as it'...

burtonjs by I've been around
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Installation Charge For Moving

I’m not sure who should I reach out to get a resolve problem.I moved to a new house, and need to move my wifi too. Therefore I made a phone call to requested. The woman requested me to ordered an agent to come for help. Do I need to? She said I need ...

quynhnhg34 by I've been here awhile
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Equipment Return

I terminated my services Oct 12/23. My equipment was confirmed returned Oct 19/23. I am still getting billed for services and receiving daily phone calls asking me to pay the bill. I had spoke to Roger reps three times after receiving the first bill....

jman6 by I've been around
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Data Usage on WhatsApp

Hello,I just opoened a Rogers account 2 days ago.I still had my former phone and barely used this line.Since then, I emitted 3 calls (2 by WhatsApp and one local) and checked my emails.I purchased the 15G infinity program and, to my surprise, I have ...

Anouck by I've been around
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No Customer support

I've been trying to get in contact with someone for 5 weeks now, calling twice a week. Each time, being on hold for over one hour and the last call, 2 hours. ( A Rogers representative called though while I was on hold to sell me something, I asked th...

GT17 by I've been around
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Transfer of Responsibility

My wife passed away 4 months ago. I tried 3 mths ago to reach someone and I was on the phone for several hours... I gave up and have just been paying the account. I need to get her off and either take over or start new. How is this done and why does ...

Black Friday offer

Hello I thought I had signed up for an upgrade to our plan that was offered and now has dissappeared. It was suggested to come here via a Reddit conversation . I have a screen cap of part of the final offer but that is all.     ***Edited Labels***

Admiral by I've been around
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Trade in iPhone 12 and got $0

I got the email that my trade in device is confirmed $0 value.The quote was $265. No scratch. No Damages. Battery problem? If so, why they didn’t check on site??It can’t make sense totally. I didn’t change it if I can know in advance. What’s the quot...

Kaz4 by I've been around
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Ripped off by Rogers and collection company

You won't believe this. I canceled my Rogers due to moving and awaited my final bill after equipment return. I paid the $106 and 4 days later received a text to pay so I inadvertently paid it again. They sent me a refund of the full amount of the ext...

jworacing by I've been here awhile
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Lease Buyout

I have an S22 and iphone se on two year lease. How much will buyout be on these phones?       ***Edited Labels***

Rogers Store 5222 Windermere Blvd - Rude staff

The staff do not accept "return phone" on upfront edge that was purchased in-store from them two years back, unless and until you TRADE it the new phone from them. He is rude too and said "DO NOT COME HERE AGAIN".   **Labels Added**    

alanjohn2 by I've been around
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contacting Rogers CS

Today I've been trying to contact a Rogers CS for about seven hrs, from 9 am to 4 pm. to solve a billing problem by phone and online through that AI " live chat" assistant  Ana, who doesn't know anything . I went to the store and was told they don't ...

kfher by I've been around
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