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Last week, a Rogers sales representative pitched me a compelling promotion: 60GB for just $40 monthly, free from any extra fees. Today, post-SIM activation and switching, I find my plan outlined in an email - $50 monthly, no discounts, and an unexpected $60 activation fee. This is not what I signed up for, and it's crucial to address this discrepancy. If this is what you sold me, I’d like to cancel it immediately please.


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I am sorry to hear that you're not getting what you were promised. Please keep in mind that the credit for the activation fee can take up to 3 billing periods to appear on your invoice. 


We'd be happy to take a closer look at this to find out why your plan isn't as it was pitched. Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  





I have the same issue. March 15 switch from fido (11 years) to rogers. 65 GB plus 10 optional for 40. And the 60 startup fee.
I mentioned to a chat person on Tuesday april 30. I wanted to know the correct amount to pay rogers. I had the same issue with fido. Not 1 bill was correct out of 7 lines. With that many numbers you would think im a preferred customer for referring 2 others to join. No.
Then I'm stupid enough to pay 60 x 7 lines and that is 420. They mean credit the 420 back but they steal your interest. I mentioned office of the president a lot while with Fido. Not one person I the entire place could ever fix my bill.
It started with wanting my interest they stole and didn't return our interest on our investment. I wanted a manager because he couldn't think for himself. 2 to 3 min.. then 5 to 10.. I wanted to end the chat and just pay the amount and I thought great start. They took the 60 off but 4 days in. Then charged 74 2 times because they didn't honour their promotion either.
Next day get a phone call 1st and an email 2nd. Why is the office of the president calling to fix a bill. Chat guy should've asked d manager to call me back. Instead he escalated the concern up skipping 4 management levels.
He doesn't email first as it's my preferred method to contact me. Calls then emails. I got home and I really don't know what it was. 3 pages pf a new contract? For 30 dollars is how I read it. Oh boy I don't want to talk to another person that doesn't know what first and second is and gave no explanation of what he did to my contract without my knowledge. Figuring out the interest problem and how long they kept my 60 hookup, I don't get the interest back on my investment. To start off like this again with a request for another president office CSr to contact me because I won't speak to someone that went ahead and tried to correct it. Still not right after chat lady yesterday. She only took 10 minutes and the amount is off by 10 too much. I refuse to pay my bill and tell president guy in email he was wrong and I want the CEO. I am done. This is so baffling that with fido the finance department could not get my bill right either.
Today I'm expecting a call from a different president csr because I have no respect for people that peek at my file and make changes without my knowledge or an explanation.
Goos job being unable to do basic math. I camt believe how stupid this is. Even when down to 2 lines they still can't figure out how to bill the discounts on the phones if you get this plan. 30 dollars with plan but 40 without. Then the 10 dollar difference had to be subtracted from the total of that phone and they couldn't do that right. Guys, why don't you stop offering everything with a discount to make it simple for you to do grade 3 math. Also the 2 that could not follow directions obviously can't be a csr or work there at all if they can't make the right decision. Office gets my angry email about not talking to me. An hour later I get a call saying my contract is cancelled. I wonder who got upset. Thanks office guy. I get it put back on and write email to president trouble maker.
Requesting CEO or his manager. The chat girl makes request to rule breaker to get someone
.not him to get in touch with me may 2nd. I waited all day and got squat. No call no email.. and no sleep last night.
How can you provide a solution that the customer gets to suggest. Nothing happened and I have borderline personality disorder. They wouldn't even give give me a discount in 2017 bit offer a number that you need to hang up and call to wait an hour. Now they have disability discounts and low income packages. Ok 2017 on disability and low income becoming a student. I am a math whiz and I feel sorry for a of the customers that deal with these incompetent people that other incompetent people hire.
I still sont know what the president guy was thinking changing my contract that I now don't understand. I guess he didn't like me saying the truth in an email that I got to respond to at my convenience. How can you keep hiring the same type of people thatvjust font understand anything. So disappointed again. Too bad someone didn't return the request to speak to me. I'm not going to wait or call long distance for them to steal money again. You call us and do it quickly after the customer made a request. Shame on this company. You should not be able to offer credit cards since you don't know how to account for anything.
Good night I'm out.

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