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Rogers App Password Generator

I've been here awhile

How long will Rogers be working to resolve the app Password Generator that has been down for a week. 




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Re: Rogers App Password Generator

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

As I stated, you need the latest, paid version.  Outlook 2021 came out before the App PW generator issue surfaced, so, as far as I know, it will not work.  Latest, paid Outlook 365 will work (Mac & PC), as will the latest Thunderbird for PC (Mac has not been confirmed).


It has been reported that the latest web-based version of Outlook will also work, however, you need to put up with ads.

Re: Rogers App Password Generator

I plan to stick around

I just finished talking to Microsoft and they have confirmed the office outlook 2021 does not have any issues outstanding with app passwords and never did …. I can confirm that Google app generated password works with office outlook 2021 … my client just upgraded from office outlook 2016 to office outlook 2021 and I can also confirm that office outlook 2016 did work with Rogers App generated password.


57 I do understand that you are not a Rogers employee … no need to push office 365 etc …. I do understand you suggestions Thank You …. The fact remains that Rogers are technically  lacking in this important area 

David Mozer
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Re: Rogers App Password Generator

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Resident Expert

There are no issues using older versions of Outlook, provided you do not "lose" the App PW. 


The Rogers/Yahoo App PW generator has been down since early March 2023 and is unlikely to be fixed, so if you "lose" your App PW, then there is no way to generate it and probably will not be in the future.


When someone upgrades their Outlook, the App PW(s) should normally "come along" with that upgrade, however, if someone does a clean install or purchases a new computer, then one needs to "copy" the App PW from the old app or computer. How this is accomplished depends on the app and the computer and the OS, however, it is usually possible if the "old" App is still available.  If not, you are out of luck.  One needs to make the App PW in the old app "visible" in the User Accounts and then it can be copied.  Again, instructions for doing this are on the web depending on the App, Computer, OS, etc.


If one has the latest, paid version of Outlook (or Free Outlook Web) for their computer all this can be avoided since the setup doesn't require an App PW, simply the regular PW used to login to Webmail.  Same for the latest Thunderbird for PC.  Mail for Mac and Thunderbird for Mac seem to still require an App PW, but that may change in the future with updates.


Apps for devices like Phones or Tablets do not require an App PW, just the regular Webmail PW.

Re: Rogers App Password Generator

I plan to stick around

I think I posted similar comments to these in a different thread about the same topic on these Forums somewhere else.
I'm on a Mac.
A few weeks ago, when I tried to change my Rogers password from within the Mac Mail app I kept getting error messages.
We all know what that's about by now.
It was then suggested, on this Forum I think, that Outlook for Mac did not require an app password.
So I dl'd Outlook.
At first, for some reason, it seemed to work but was very very slow.
Later on I realized that it still would not let me send emails from my 
Rogers account, and it was too slow to use anyway.
What I had missed in the Forum advice was that I needed the *paid* version of Outlook to not need an app password.
And I have no inclination to pay for this product.
I then started turning to Gmail, which I probably should have been using all along.
The Gmail system has some interesting tech that allows me receive emails from my Rogers account as well as emails addressed to my Gmail account.
I think it even allows me to send emails using my Rogers email address.
So I could keep using the just Gmail browser-web-based system and I'd be fine.
But I don't like the idea of needing a browser window open all the time to monitor my incoming emails.
I later found out that Apple Mail can be configured to read/write to a Gmail account also.
I then found out that Thunderbird Mac can also access a Gmail account.
[Note: Thunderbird Mac will still require an app password if you try to connect TB to your Rogers email account.So simply switching from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Mac is not an option.]
The reasons why escape me at the moment, but doing this all within Thunderbird works out better than doing in Mac Mail.
So I'm using TB now for all my email accounts.
It's pretty seamless, although it gets confusing every once in a while.
I was also able to set up my local mail folders, where I've been categorizing my emails in and out for close to 20 years, and to copy all those years of emails into their new respective folders.
That was a lengthy and confusing process, but I figured it out.
Don't ask me how I did it, because I forget now. lol

So, in some ways, I'm even better off now than I was before this nonsense all started, and it is nonsense.
I just don't know whether to blame Rogers or Apple.
The fact that app passwords are not needed with iOS Mail makes me think that Apple could fix this if they wanted to.

Live and learn.

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