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Resolved! Avast Antivirus Reporting Open Port Vulnerability

When I perform a Network Security Check through Avast! Antivirus, it reports that my Ignite modem has an open port that makes my router vulnerable to attacks from the Internet. I have tried to research this, but really haven't gotten anywhere on how ...

Fandalthorn by I've Been Here Awhile
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Internet drops whenever people arrive or meave from house

My internet drops whenever me or my roommate arrives or leaves from the house. It is a huge hassle.I know it is not related to the wiring because it occurs while we are parked in our driveway when arriving at home (before we have had the chance to di...

Thowse by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Ignite management through app

Hello,I can't fully manage my Ignite modem. When I try to log into the app or use the web interface I get this error:It looks like you don’t have Ignite WiFi yet. Check out our bundle options here.Is there anything I can do to correct this?Thanks!

Do I Need Coaxial Cables?

Do I still need coaxial cables in my home? We’re doing some renovations right now and the contractor offered to remove them. Bell has FTTH for TV and Internet but I’m not sure if Rogers is still on coaxial or not. ***Edited Labels***

geokilla007 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Cell Phone Not Connecting to Home WiFi Network

Hello,I have LG Stylo Plus 3 phone that was working fine till yesterday.Modem is white Tricolor CCGM4331COM. with Ignite package.Today without any changes to any settings either on phone or router, the WiFi name [ssid] started to show "disabled" unde...

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Mani12345 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 14 replies

Rogers Yahoo Mail SPAM filter

I've been a Rogers customer for the last two decades or more, but lately (past ~6 months or so) a much larger proportion of my incoming Rogers Yahoo mail messages are being incorrectly marked as spam, requiring me to check my spam folder multiple tim...

brianlala by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 9 replies

Speed dropped from 500 to 200 since the 7th of June

Hello,On the 7th of June my Rogers internet speed dropped from 500 to 200. I have been checking the speed every few hours. Can you please advise how I can report this to Rogers and get this issue solved   *** Edited Labels ***

Intermittent Disconnection Issue with Ignite

I've recently switched from old Rogers system to ignite. Had no issues with internet before the switch. Since switching to ignite I have intermittent disconnection issues while working. Skype calls dropping and disconnection from a VPN. Sites won't l...

Craigkatie by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 6 replies

Modem Suddenly Blocking Website

I have Rogers ignite modem/router and all of a sudden we do not have access to website I have logged into the modem/gateway and there are no parental controls that have been added. Model: CGM4140COM. Any ideas how to stop websites being b...

KPS1 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

No Internet Since Storm

No internet since yesterday at 1:30pm and nothing from rogers explaining why absolutely horrible       ***Edited Labels***

Ignite Modem Keeps Rebooting

I've been having issues with my Ignite modem restarting for months... I've been through probably 6 modems. I've had techs come to my house on multiple occasions. Check the lines swap modems and cables, etc. Nothing works. It always happens again. I g...

Internet service down

I’ve never a level of I don’t care about my customer than I’ve been receiving been told since Sunday may 22nd I’ll be receiving my internet service back by end of day now it’s now may 28th still no internet service I’m just given the run around all w...

Moca setup help

Hi all. We recently reno’d our basement and unfortunately the spot where the tv will be located is pretty dead. Our current wi-fi setup has been quite stable (airport extreme/express) but it looks like it's reached its limits. I’ve looked at mesh opt...

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JiveMiguel by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 8 replies

Slow internet speeds on XB7 with Ignite Gigabit - wired connection

Hi All; I am in the GTA and have been experiencing  slow speeds since Oct 2021 when I switched  from 500U to Gigabit. I have a XB7 modem Technicolor CGM4331COM with HW Version 2.0 Street to house cable changed 18 months agoHouse to modem cable change...

snocow by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 4 replies

iPhones can’t connect to Ignite Wifi

For two months our cell phones have not been able to stay connected to ignite wifi. The signal drops all day long and will not connect upon entry to our home. We have no cell wifi problems anywhere else! Endless suggestions to “reboot the modem” or “...

Resolved! Rogers Wifi 6 Modem rental

I'm on the Ignite Internet Gigabit-Unltd plan and also renting Hitron CODA-4582 model for a few years.  I'm wondering I can exchange the 4582 model with a newer wifi 6 modem.  I'm paying $10 monthly for the 4582.  How much does it cost to rent a wifi...

TheCat by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Using Erro 6 Pro's with Rogers Ignite TV and Internet

I'm still sticking around. My current set up is with Digital TV, legacy Internet 500Mbps and a Home Phone configuration. The internet gateway is in an upstairs bedroom and the Home Phone modem is in the basement running to a home alarm system. I'm us...

Sailorman by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 3 replies