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Gigabit Speeds

I've been here awhile

I've had the displeasure of upgrading two accounts to the Gigabit package. 

I understand the marketing gimmick of the term up to, but it's getting a bit ridiculous. 


Here is a snapshot of a speedtest done downtown by Bay and College. Straight lan, bridge mode. 




As you can see, the speeds are a far cry of true gigabit. I understand fully the limitations and expectations of the Docsis 3 technology. I would even deem constant speeds of 750-800 acceptable. 


I also have the package in Richmond Hill, where the speeds are about 80% of the above posted numbers. 


Service agents have showed up to both locations, followed by visits from their supervisor. 


The Richmond Hill service team advised me the maximum speeds that they have ever seen in the area is about 600Mb/s whereas the Downtown Toronto team advised me the the maximum they have personally seen is in the 650Mb/s range that was sustainable. To me, upload speeds are more important. The comparison between the two is full 50 as seen above to mid 30s in Richmond Hill.


If the agents are reporting that to the customers, knowing that the network cannot achieve anywhere close to their advertised speeds, why bother selling them as Gigabit. Should have rolled out publicly as 500u instead!


Spoke to the management team who advised me, since we are already on a highly discount bundle, there is nothing they can do. The analogy they gave me was you get what you pay for. 


So my frustration spikes, just because Rogers offered the 63U package and I take advantage of the deal, they have the audacity to justify the slower speeds because I'm on a "discounted" plan? In my opinion, that's disgusting.


I would advise anyone considering upgrading to the Gigabit package to steer clear until their systems can actually handle the traffic. 


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Re: Gigabit Speeds

I've been around

I have to agree with you. I took the plunge over a month ago and had I known that my sustain download speed would not reach any higher than 407 Mbps, I would have just stayed with my 300 Mbps download speed. I've called to complain and for the past couple of weeks, I've receiving updated text messages from Rogers informing me that they are working on the issue. Not the best way to conduct business. Also went as far a swapping out the modem recommended by the support staff when I called. It did not make a difference.


Rogers get your act together as needless to say I will expect a credit when my monthly invoice arrives.

Re: Gigabit Speeds

I've been here awhile

So to give a bit of closure to this... I cancelled my Rogers service in January 2018 because it never really worked and stayed with Bell until I got a phone call from Rogers in May 2019 offering me a great win-back deal on gigabit service. So I figured why not - nothing to lose as their was no installation charge and no contract.


Service was installed, and the only difference is now I was provided with a Puma 7 chipset modem. Previously I had a Puma 6. More than 6 months now and everything has been running just fine. Always get 1 gigabit down and 30 megabit up. Still keep the old Bell 50/10 DSL service and now it's just being used for fail-over for when Rogers goes down. I'm averaging 2 or 3 brief outages per month - usually for only a few minutes at a time in the middle of the night. Everything working as expected and no problems to report.