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Gigabit Speeds

I've had the displeasure of upgrading two accounts to the Gigabit package. 

I understand the marketing gimmick of the term up to, but it's getting a bit ridiculous. 


Here is a snapshot of a speedtest done downtown by Bay and College. Straight lan, bridge mode. 




As you can see, the speeds are a far cry of true gigabit. I understand fully the limitations and expectations of the Docsis 3 technology. I would even deem constant speeds of 750-800 acceptable. 


I also have the package in Richmond Hill, where the speeds are about 80% of the above posted numbers. 


Service agents have showed up to both locations, followed by visits from their supervisor. 


The Richmond Hill service team advised me the maximum speeds that they have ever seen in the area is about 600Mb/s whereas the Downtown Toronto team advised me the the maximum they have personally seen is in the 650Mb/s range that was sustainable. To me, upload speeds are more important. The comparison between the two is full 50 as seen above to mid 30s in Richmond Hill.


If the agents are reporting that to the customers, knowing that the network cannot achieve anywhere close to their advertised speeds, why bother selling them as Gigabit. Should have rolled out publicly as 500u instead!


Spoke to the management team who advised me, since we are already on a highly discount bundle, there is nothing they can do. The analogy they gave me was you get what you pay for. 


So my frustration spikes, just because Rogers offered the 63U package and I take advantage of the deal, they have the audacity to justify the slower speeds because I'm on a "discounted" plan? In my opinion, that's disgusting.


I would advise anyone considering upgrading to the Gigabit package to steer clear until their systems can actually handle the traffic. 


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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Have you tried other computers?

A friend of mine got the gigabit service. His (rather old) Windows 7 desktop got about 300 megabits/sec. He was very sad. Then he tried his wife's MacBook Pro (one old enough to have wired GbE)... and hers got 700+ megabits/sec. That... made him even more sad.

Crazy thing is, there's no obvious reason why that desktop wouldn't be getting faster speeds. It's a PCI-E GbE network controller as far as we can tell... but somehow, 300 is the max it seems willing to do.
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

I also find this advertising misleading.


I was offered a switch to Bell Fibe Gigabit internet at a discounted rate, and after installation I was receiving close to 950 mbps dowload and 100 upload (North York, ON). I got a call from Rogers the next week asking for my business back and claiming they would match the deal offered by Bell in both price and performance. Despite asking and being informed that the upload was going to be a downgrade to 50 mbps, because I was unhappy with the Bell modem I agreed to switch back to Rogers, only to find out that my speeds now cap out at 500-600 mbps, a far cry from what they initially represented to me upon my switch back. 


In response to my query to technical support, they quoted the same jargon to me about having an already discounted rate and that there was nothing they could do about it. Very unhappy with the deceitfulness of the reps I have been speaking to. 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

I've tried different computers. Hardware is definitely a consideration while troubleshooting.

However, I'm running a top of a line i7 // Samsung SSD 850 pro // 64GB ram with a 2Gb compatible network card and cat 6 directly to the modem. I've also tested this on an i7 iMac (latest) as well as the 2016 Mac pro.

Hardware is definitely not the issue. I've tested the same hardware on Beanfield gigabit network and get full speeds. (Unfair to compare fibre to docsis I know)
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Please check out my post and the trouble I've been having since upgrading:


Even with the newest modem I'm still getting between 350-550mbs download speeds and a horrendous 18-25mbs upload speed (both with a cat 6 directly connected to the modem).


Also, wireless speeds are in the 80-150mbs within 10 feet of the modem.


Are there any hardware settings on the computer side that I should try that could help improve my speeds?



I've Been Around
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

We just got the Gigabit Package in our area November of this year and I to fall victim to slow speeds.  I have been calling Rogers since the begining of November about my speeds, which are usually 550-600Mbps down and 32-38 Up.  I have gone through every scenerio with them and I have all the required equipment to handle the speeds. They just keep telling me everything is good.  Even had a tech come over and check my cable lines and they where good to.


Now im just getting really ticked off that I am paying $149.99 for this package and I cant even get close to the 1000Mbps speeds.  Even running multiple computers doing the same speed test at the exact time.  Its just cuts my 550-600Mbps in half.  So there's my proof right there that I am NOT getting my full Gigabit Speeds that I am paying for.


I think its time for Rogers to do something about it!!

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Went on the Rogers Gigabit plan a few months ago.  Have had nothing but issues since with my download speeds which will hover below 2 Mbps and like this morning once again, between 0.2 and 0.5. If I reboot my modem which is in bridge mode connected to an R7000 Netgear with a second Netgear used as and access point, speeds will sometimes increase to 25-70ish Mbps (so only 93% or a less than what I am presumably paying for).  Then ultimately will just stop back to the slow unusable speeds at some point hours later.


I have tried a hard wired connection which can achieve 600 Mbps,but also experiences the same slowness intermittently.


Swapped modems 3 times and am now on their newest white Hitron Gigabit modem.


Removed my R7000s all together.


Changed the channel being used.


Called Rogers possibly 5 or 6 times to simply have them make me reboot, connect, disconnect my Netgear's,run their tests, etc. Most times it gets the speeds back to 25-70mbps for a bit and they say it appears fine.


Finally had someone acknowledge that it is very odd to have donwload speeds significantly lower than upload and he's never seen it. Sent in a technician who couldn't figure it out but again got it to get back to "normal".


At this point I am at a loss for what to do. Many hours a day I can't use my internet and I know if I call they will simply spend an hour of my time going through the reboot process which will again get it to work intermittently.


I'm frustrated byond believe at getting Gigabit only to find it less reliable and just as slow as the Ignite 60 I was on before. The only saving grace is that I'm actually paying less as I got it on one of their deals.


Any thoughts as to what would cause upload speeds to be fine (range 8mbps to 35) while download is non existent at times?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Just got the new modem about an hour ago.

Definitely slower on direct modem and bridge mode.

Can't hit faster than 700 down and generally hitting in the 500-600 range.

Previous Hitron I was consistent in the 750-850 range but never above 864 which was my fastest download.

I'll wait a bit before I complain. I was pretty reluctant to upgrade the modem since the old one worked and didn't have the slow reported internet issues others had.

Maybe there's still some firmware bugs they have to work out on the new one or there is oddly high usage in my area at the moment.
I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Gigabit Speeds



You may be on firmware, which is why you are receiving speeds of only 500-600mbps. If you ask @RogersDave to update your modem's firmware to you should see an improvement in the download speeds WiFi range.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

@eddiethefunnyon wrote:



You may be on firmware, which is why you are receiving speeds of only 500-600mbps. If you ask @RogersDave to update your modem's firmware to you should see an improvement in the download speeds WiFi range.

I'm on bridge mode with an Asus RT-AC3100 with merlin 380.64 firmware through wire to my desktop.


Unless that hitron firmware update affects wired speed as well?

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