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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Hello @kmuthuk,


Welcome the Rogers Community Forums Robot Happy!


I can certainly understand your frustration. I'd be just as upset if I was receiving similar speeds an a gigabit plan. If you can provide a bit more info so we can better assess your situation.


Are your speed tests done through a wired or wireless connection? Is there a router connected to our modem? What, if any troubleshooting steps have you taken so far? Also, can you log into the modem and go to the DOCSIS WAN page and post the signal levels. We want to ensure they're within spec.


I'll tag in a few of our Resident Experts as well, for further input! @Datalink @gp-se @Gdkitty




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Re: Gigabit Speeds

I got the Gigabit service about a month ago and I'm only averaging 500-600Mbps on the Rogers speed test and 300-400Mbps on the Speedtest app, on my Ethernet connected Windows 10  desktop with a Marvell Yukon 88e8056 pci-e gigabit Ethernet controller. 


A tech came today with his laptop and got 890Mbps on his first test. He said that the issue is my network card. Is this possible?  On my iPhone X, I get 250-300Mbps on the Speedtest app.  I have the Coda modem in Bridge Mode, connected to a Netgear Orbl router but, I get the same speeds when directly connected to the router.  Any suggestions would be great.


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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Good afternoon @bmoretton!


Welcome to our Community!


I know you subscribed to Gigabit to get the highest speeds possible so please let me work with you towards a resolution. We may have just had a tech out but I'd like to run some additional tests to see if there are any lingering issues that our tech may have overlooked.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance. You can find instructions on how to PM us here.




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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Slow internet after switching modems (twice)


The wifi was getting inconsistent on my CODA modem so I went to replace it at a local Rogers store. When I hooked up the new modem, it didn't work initially (it would get stuck on the upload light flashing green). I then remembered that a tech put a filter on the cable last year, so I tried connecting without the filter. The internet worked, but it was very inconsistent, jumping erratically between 5 Mbps and 950 Mbps. Upload speeds fluctuated between 5 Mbps and 40 Mbps.


I then called tech support and they sent a technician over. The technician said the signal looked fine and just swapped out the modem again. However, after swapping out, I am still not getting the speeds I was getting before. I am getting 200-400 download and around 5-10 upload. The speeds are no longer erratic, but they are much lower than what I had before swapping out the modem. Prior to swapping it out the first time, I was consistently getting 800-950 down with 20-40 up.


All of this testing was done on a wired connection going directly into the modem (I don't use a router).


The tech said the filter I removed is useless, but I'm wondering if maybe it is necessary? The tech last year put it on to try and stabilize my connection after I was having major issues (it turned out the instability was due to back-end issues at Rogers, but I had left the filter on for a year now anyway).


To summarize:


- Wifi stopped working, swapped out modem

- Internet didn't work on new modem until I removed filter from cable (that tech put in last year)

- Internet then worked, but was very erratic, jumping between 5 to 950 Mbps down all the time

- Swapped out modem again (by technician this time)

- Now getting consistent 200-400 down and 5-10 up, however, before I switched the modem, I was consisently getting 800-950 down and 20-40 up.

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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Hello @Raps_in_4,


I know how frustrating it must be paying for Gigabit speeds and only getting a fraction of that all due to a simple modem swap.


Usually, signal issues can wreak havoc on a Gigabit connection, the signal really needs to be within a very specific range to achieve those speeds. We would like to run some tests on our end and monitor this for you to see what could be going on. Please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your info and get started on this for you. For more information on our Private Messaging system please click here.


We look forward to hearing from you!





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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Hi, I used to have the ignite 100 plan and when streaming 4k movies from Google play to my Chromecast ultra, the video would always stop for a couple of seconds to reload. I thought my connection speed was not fast enough so I switched to the gigabit plan. Unfortunately I continue to experience the same problem. Just now we were watching It in 4k and it stopped to buffer maybe 20 times. Besides from time to time, the resolution drops to below HD. Also, when watching 4k movies on Netflix I am also getting drops in the resolution which is very annoying. How can this be fixed? Thank you.
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Resident Expert
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

@Stocovick there's a few possibilities here.  First is a potential issue connecting with the Play Store, second is a possible issue connecting via the Chromecast Ultra.  Third is the usual wifi channel issues to contend with.  Lastly, there is a possible issue with the modem's signal levels and signal to noise ratios.


The first and second possibilities are engineering issues that would require engineering support.  Neither I, nor tech support can help with those, if they are the problem at hand.  If you're connecting via wifi with the Chtomecast Ultra, can you have a look at the following post regarding wifi settings and monitoring your wifi environment to determine the best operating channels:


Depending on the distance from the modem to the Chromecast, and upon what you see on the Acrylic and/or inSSIDer data display as indicated in that post, the best solution might be to move the modem closer to the Chromecast or connect with it via ethernet, if that is possible.  


For the modem's signal levels and signal to noise ratios, can you log into the modem, navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab, copy the entire Downstream and Upstream table and paste that into a post.  The copy and paste process will paste in the text contents of the table.  Ignore the data that sits above the Downstream table as that is specific to the modem and shouldn't be posted in an open forum.  

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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Hello, thanks for the response.  I live in a house not in apartment.  

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Re: Gigabit Speeds

Hi @Datalink! Thank you for the reply. I checked the channels and they seem fine. My Chromecast is sitting right next to the modem. I was going to connect it via an Ethernet cable but I saw that the Chromecast ultra port is only 100mbs so I thought having it connected to the 5ghz AC would be better. Below are the downstream and upstream values. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
OFDM Downstream Overview
ReceiverFFT typeSubcarr 0 Frequency(MHz)PLC lockedNCP lockedMDC1 lockedPLC power(dBmv)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandwidth
130596000ATDMA - 64QAM36.25016400000
238595824ATDMA - 64QAM39.00033200000
323700000ATDMA - 64QAM35.75026400000
Channel IndexStatelin Digital AttDigital AttBW (sc's*fft)Report PowerReport Power1_6FFT Size
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Re: Gigabit Speeds

I just fixed my problem you guys were having and what I did was go to 


Device manager > Network Adapters 


Usually You only have ONE thing pop up in the drop box but for me I had 8 other WAN mini Ports open so DISABLE THOSE do not uninstall because they reappear when you restart your computer and once you DISABLE those WAN ports restart your computer and try testing your speeds again. I was getting 500-600 in speed until i did this now I am getting 900+ hope this helps you guys!