New Ignite TV Remote Control

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New Ignite TV Remote Control

I got my ignite tv back in November 2019. The ignite TV package definitely has more features than the previous Rogers TV with the old PVR. The ignite TV/internet is also much faster.


However, one major drawback is the inferior and cheap looking remote control that comes with the Ignite TV.

The most annoying feature is the middle navigation buttons that are one-piece design instead of individual buttons.

You better have strong fingers to press the buttons to navigate with the remote and if you use it long enough your fingers will get worn down. If you're old you will struggle with the remote.  If you're a woman with long and nicely manicured finger nails, you'll likely ruin your nails.


That's too bad because the ignite TV is very good product but Roger's has gone cheap with the remote control.


Also, if you use the rewind/fast forward buttons, it's very difficult to find the exact instant where you want to stop.

The button response is delayed.


Rogers should provide the old remote controls because they were way way superior in performance and dump the new one which is mediocre at best.


The new remote control look exactly as the one sold in Amazon.  Here's the link:




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Re: New Ignite TV Remote Control

There are quite a few negative comments about the XR15 remote.  You could try calling various Rogers stores in your area to see if you can swap it for an XR11 which is a bit better.


As for FF & REW, you can use voice commands to say "skip ahead 3 minutes" or something similar.


You can also reprogramme the skip ahead functionality for 30 seconds:

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Re: New Ignite TV Remote Control

This remote is the most horrible remote to use. As you said my fingers hurt trying to navigate with that middle button.  Also there’s no info button on this remote. I hate it 😡😡

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Re: New Ignite TV Remote Control

@LBennett55  Hi, and welcome to the Community!


Yeah, the buttons on the Ignite XR15 remote are rather stiff but they do "break in" and will become easier to press after a bit of use.


Also, the "Info" button is the round "( i )" button, located above the "3"


Other non-intuitive keys are the "Pg ^" and "Pg v" buttons, located to the right of the Rogers (Menu) button, which are used to "skip ahead" or "skip backwards", and you can reprogram your Ignite set-top box so that these buttons skip ahead 30 seconds and skip backwards 15 seconds rather than the default of 5 minutes.