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SIM Card Not Working

I  just paid a new monthly plan on Phonebox but my sim card wont call, no data, nothing. i need some assistance because i have some urgent calls to make and some very sensitive documents to download.       ***Edited Labels***

mdakar_jr by I've Been Around
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Worst services ever from Rogers Win Back team

I signed up an iPhone 13 Pro Max with VirginPlus about a month ago. A week later, I received a call from Rogers Win Back team. They offered me the same phone with a cheaper price. The agent told me to return the phone back to VirginPlus and Rogers wo...

Purolator shipping labels

I’ve gotten two shipments from Rogers where the Purolator has my name formatted in a funny way. Where the name should say, for example: “John Doe” says instead: “John, Doe” with a comma between first and last, like it would be formatted “Doe, John” i...

WSih by I've Been Here Awhile
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Unable to access a special offer

For over a month I've had a message on My Rogers account saying I have a special offer. When I try to access it I get an error message saying there is a problem on the Rogers end and check back later.  I've tried to get this fixed through customer su...

briansheen by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Cancelling service and bill deductions

I have been trying to call everyone from Roger’s possible to cancel my account cause I have moved to a different city,I got across the call with multiple people and while transferring the call was cut and while speaking to someone my calls were cut ,...

Phone was lost after sent in for repairs

Rogers asks me pay for phone i sent in for camera repair. When my camera on my s20ultra stopped focusing I sent in for repair as I had 1 year warranty. They sent me a loaner while they fixed it. I never received my phone back for 2 months and when I ...

Bosshoss46 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 8 replies


Got iphone for what was to 15 an month ends up i am charged 35 . Get run around. Get tired of fighting but 3 months later they are in for 15 again. Can I get this some how   *Added Labels*

44kaytee by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Everything cost too much in canada

We pay the highest internet fees and phone fees around the world! God forbid you travel. Then it’s $15 a day plus the rest of the  they charge! It’s time to shut Rogers down!!!   ***Edited Labels***

Voicemail AND Waybill Code

I have gone in to two different Rogers locations because I have no access to my voicemail. They say it is the last 4 digits of my number (which they kept asking me for repeatedly), but I still can't access my voicemail. It is very frustrating.   I am...

"Restoration Efforts are Underway" Emails

How broadly is the area outage defined here?   I've received 3 emails apologizing for outages that haven't existed in my area over the past couple of weeks.    Mobile, Internet, and TV all fine, each time.   I also checked to see if there's an opt-ou...

robtoe by I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Hi speed internet service in my area

When you will provide decent high speed internet on my area? Our current service is on par with 1997 dial up.Area: Tamworth, Ontario   *Added Labels*

Caat by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! How do you reach Rogers Management?

Joined Rogers 10 days ago.  Cannot set up @rogers email due to some issue with getting back my old rogers address.  I have 2 case numbers and no one ever responds.  When I chat they say they are working on it. I want to call Rogers's Management but l...

Resolved! Charge off/ collections

My friend had an account with rogers but the visa details were mine. She did not pay her bills and account was handed over to collection agency. When they contacted me telling me about the bill and it will impact my credit score, I paid it right away...

Resolved! New subscribers

Tired of new customers getting better $ packages than existing customers. What about loyalty?? I’m going to ge a new customer to someone else.     ***Edited Labels***

gch1 by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies