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Ripped off by Rogers and collection company

I've been here awhile

You won't believe this. I canceled my Rogers due to moving and awaited my final bill after equipment return. I paid the $106 and 4 days later received a text to pay so I inadvertently paid it again. They sent me a refund of the full amount of the extra payment. Fast Forward 4 months later and I made $130 payment accidentally to my now closed paid in full dead account. I notified Rogers and they sent me another refund. On October 28 some collections agency calls and says I owe $130.16. I check my dormant account and it shows the mistake payment and refund and shows a new payment of 130 dollars due Nov 10. So how does a bill for literally no services or active account end up in collections agency 12 days before the due date.? I have talked to numerous agents and still no answer. In the meantime I'm being credit screwed by collections agency. Help


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Re: Ripped off by Rogers and collection company


Hello @jworacing ! Thanks for reaching out to us. My name is Yasmine and I'll be happy to assist with your concern today. I understand that you received a bill and collection notice for an amount you were not aware of. I don't blame you for being upset.  😞


Just to confirm, were you able to reach back out to our Customer Care folks to inquire as to what that $130.16 was for? Is it possible that a final invoice was issued for services rendered prior to the cancellation date? For example, there may have been usage charges or unreturned equipment fees, etc. Normally, there is a reasonable explanation. If you were not able to speak to anyone to get this clarified, we are happy to take a look to see what transpired. 🙂


In order to proceed here, I'll need to get your account authenticated. Please let us know if you are currently available to complete our secure form and I'll be happy to send you the link. (Please note that the link to the form is time-sensitive and will eventually expire if not used).  


I look forward to your reply!



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