Tablet Offered As Voice & Data Line Only To Be Cancelled Automatically

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Tablet Offered As Voice & Data Line Only To Be Cancelled Automatically

I had a Tablet line that was offered to me with voice and data it clearly set up as a phone on MyRogers account And was working for the past four months. Rogers decided to turn it off stating that Customerservice should have never given this to me. I have been in contact with CRTC and they said Rogers has to honour it. Any suggestions it’s still going through the chain of command right now.It clearly states that data and voice is included in this line.



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Re: Tablet Offered As Voice & Data Line Only To Be Cancelled Automatically

Hello @Needhelp146,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, we are very happy to have you and thanks for your first post! 🙂


I can understand how unnerving it would be to have a cool tablet and plan extended your way, only to have it swiped out from under you! That can't be a great feeling! It is super important to us that we provide our customers with the most accurate information when offering products and services, so I am deeply disappointed if this was not done. 😟


We would love the opportunity to have a closer look into this for you to find out what went wrong and see how we can help. If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you,


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Re: Tablet Offered As Voice & Data Line Only To Be Cancelled Automatically

Hi There @Needhelp146 and Laura:)

I’m in the same situation, and RogersLaura’s response is the reason for my first post here. I have been trying to explain to reps on the phone and live chat how frustrating it is to have your contract in hand and offer to send pics of it to them - and have them simply act as if I should just accept that they won’t honour it. Anyways Laura at least sounds like she gets it.
I signed up with a Rogers cell plan in person. There was a promo that day Talk/Text w/2GB - Premium Tab and the bonus was an additional 2GB ($65). The salesman upsold me into making it an $80 Bundle and explained if I added a $15 Data/month charge he could offer me an ipad that day with $0/month Access plan as well as an extra 3GB with the iPad and I’d just have the $14.95 financing fee.
My receipt with my contract lists all of this, and my two contracts say exactly what the sales associate did.
Then, I call Rogers because I am not seeing my IPad line on my Rogers App later that month. This is where I was treated as if I had done something wrong. The rep tells me I can’t have data on my IPad. She tells me she will allow the data to work but I will have to pay an extra $10/month for the access fee that I signed up for at $0/month. She says she is also going to have to switch my plans to their Share Everything. I am hoping someone in the chain of command can listen to my phone call that day... I listened to her, and I repeated more than once that I’m not comfortable with that and that I just want what I agreed to on the contract. She said it was a mistake in the contract, and I told her I’m happy with what the contract says. She told me there is no way I can use any of the data OR keep the bonus data that the iPad awarded in the deal I signed for. I wasn’t too bothered as I had not had an iPad before and had not grown attached yet.. so I said I don’t want it if Rogers is now demanding another $10/month ($240 for the rest of my plan) for me to even use it. Her only response was that it’s too late for me to return it - I’m guessing according to the contract 😉
soooo... Rogers upsold my $65/month plan to an $80/Month bundle.... and then told me later that month... If I actually wanted them to fulfill their side of the deal...that’ll be another $10/month!
The rep then offered to take $5 off the $80.
The worst part is I am being billed however they want because they wouldn’t take the iPad back. I tried explaining it and sending pics of all the paperwork over live chat, and that agent lectured me as well like it was my fault somehow, when I asked about resolving the situation in another way. After that chat, my total of 7GB went down to 5GB/month for some reason.
I’d be satisfied with Rogers at least conceding to credit me the extra $15/month that on my receipt clearly states it is a data charge to make my plan an $80 Bundle. I don’t even care about the lost 2GB at this point. (But I should point out that I have had to purchase a $30 data add on two occasions so far since one of my bonus 2GB just disappeared).
And I friend pointed out I should be able to remove the $10/month new access fee and just stick to wifi.
Sorry for the rant, but no one has been able to help me or care to acknowledge my point there at Rogers.
Lemme know if you can help, or if it’s CRTC I need to talk to.
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Re: Tablet Offered As Voice & Data Line Only To Be Cancelled Automatically

Greetings @lw7!


Thank you for joining us here in the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your first post! 👍


We really appreciate you sharing your story with us. From what I gather, it appears the agent who extended the initial tablet offering to you may have missed an important detail. You do need to add a $10 data share option to the new tablet line in order to share the data with the main cellular line. Also, the main cellular line does need to be on a Shareable plan option in order for this to work. 


By any chance, did you return to the original point of sale with the paperwork to see if they could honour the offer that was provided? Speaking to a manager may be helpful in that regard, especially since you have proof of the offer that was given. Please do keep us posted on that outcome!


If a visit to the store does not produce the results you are hoping for, please send us a Private Message as per my above post and we will be more than happy to review your account to see what other options we have available! 


Kind regards,




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