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Early cancellations fee

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I recently acquired an ignite connection, for personal reasons I had to move from my apartment and I was advised that I can transfer the connection to someone in my home or cancel it and they can get a new one.

They got a new connection within a week and I was hit with a hefty cancelation fee. I understand this charge is mentioned in the agreement, but no where does it state how much, when I called the agent gave me so much other information but nobody told me the charges for cancellation until I received a big bill.

I feel this is a bit unfair, especially with the advise I was given and the fact that the charges are not disclosed even on the agreement. If I was told clearly there is a big charge I would have opted to transfer the connection and not get a new one.

I spent a long time on that cancellation call and the agent asked me so much questions, but not a minute was taken to educate me of the charges and I feel that is not fair at all, you just mention a that I will be charged and charge any amount?

The agreement says to refer to another document says early cancellation fee but no where to refer the actual amount. This was quite misleading.



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Re: Early cancellations fee

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Greetings @WJ95, 😊


Welcome to the Community and Congrats on your first post with us! 🙌 We're sorry to hear what occured. I can assure you this is not the type of experience we want you to be having. I too can certainly appreciate transparency. When you activated the service, we would have sent you an email that depicts the details of the terms of service and agreement along with the breakdown of the cancellation fees. 


Have you had the chance to reconnect with us to gather more details since you last posted? What service(s) did you cancel?

An early cancellation fee is charged if you remove the term offer or cancel your Connected Home Services (Internet, ISS, TV, IHP)  before the end of the two year term and is charged in accordance to the following amounts:


TV Bundles: $20 / month x # of full months remaining in the term
​Internet: $15 / month x # of full months remaining in the term


I hope this helps!



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