Data Usage on WhatsApp

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Data Usage on WhatsApp


I just opoened a Rogers account 2 days ago.
I still had my former phone and barely used this line.
Since then, I emitted 3 calls (2 by WhatsApp and one local) and checked my emails.

I purchased the 15G infinity program and, to my surprise, I have apparently used 130$ of credit ?
While the app says I have only used 0,05G of data.

Is WhatsApp not considered as classical data ?
Am I supposed to stay connected to Wifi all the time ? What is the point of having 15G then if it doesn’t appear as used when outside ?

I am so disappointed to be paying such a big amount for 3 calls !


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Re: Data Usage on WhatsApp

Greetings @Anouck!


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I'm not quite certain what you mean by "classical data". Would you mind elaborating on that a bit?


WhatsApp uses data regularly like any other Internet-based app when you are not connected to WiFi.




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Re: Data Usage on WhatsApp

if you only are 2 days into your service then you should not assume your $130 of credit was used up because of data. you need to wait a full billing cycle to get a true representation about your usage and bill, the credit can be used for other things like activation fee waived. etc.

in that case what exactly is your concern?