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One LTE Bar indoors

I've been here awhile
I have been with Rogers since I moved to Canada, I am not sure why I am only getting one LTE bar inside my house, not only my device (iPhone XS) all the household devices, but If I changed it to 3G I will get full signal bars. That’s not only one place? I moved to different cities still same poor signal. Am I the only person? I am currently live in Brantford, ON southwest of the city

Re: One LTE Bar indoors


Hello, @amirdawood17


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


We appreciate you posting your concerns to the community. We know how important it is to have a strong signal both inside and outside of your home. Please provide us with the answers to the questions below so we can assist you better.


  • Do you notice a significant signal improvement when you go outside of your home?
  • Does this only happen inside of your home or within any indoor space?
  • Do you have a phone case on your phone? If yes, what material is it made of?
  • Have you tried utilizing the Wi-Fi calling feature on your iPhone?
  • If you have not already, please report the connectivity issues you are experiencing using the MyNetwork tool built into the MyRogers app. You can find the specific steps here.


Once reported our wireless network operations team will investigate this for you to see fit hee is an issue with the cell towers in your area.


We look forward to your response.



Re: One LTE Bar indoors

I've been here awhile



Thanks for the response.


  • Yes, when I go outside I see signal improvement.
  • always indoor spaces
  • no phone case.
  • I don't use wifi calling very often as my main concern is that I need to use my LTE Data for FaceTime calls.
  • I've reported, but I feel that I get auto response keep saying we don't determine a reason for the issue.


Re: One LTE Bar indoors

Hello again, @amirdawood17


Thanks so much for that update.


If the issue is happening indoors only, your cellular service could be obstructed by concrete, metal, or multiple walls. If you go outside and your service is much better, then this may be the case.


In this situation, Wi-Fi calling would be your best option to stay connected. I understand that this may not help when trying to do FaceTime calls. 😞



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