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No Network Coverage - River Valley, ON

I've been here awhile

Good day,

My name is Kevin, I am currently serving in the RCAF and currently have a summer cottage near River Valley, Ontario.

The region is currently suffering from a lack of cell phone signal.

I do know that you have installed 3 service towers in the area of Field,Ontario, a neighboring community but unfortunately they are not powerful enough to service River Valley area.

I have spoken with numerous people of the River Valley community, all of which are mobile service customers of yours and they all stated that they have no service in their town.

Would it be possible to add one service tower near or in the town of River Valley in order to better serve that community?

Doing so would also greatly increase your customer base since there are many people that come from Sudbury area to camp in they area throughout every summer.

Also, they area also has Hwy 539 that goes from Field to Warren and connect with Hwy 17, a route often used by the transport truck community.

Thank you for considering this request.



Re: No Network Coverage - River Valley, ON


Greetings and welcome to our Community @KevinLabelle!


Thank you for your feedback and interest in our service! 🙂




Re: No Network Coverage - River Valley, ON

I have started a petition 24 hours ago to gather support, I already have 180+ signatures.

There are lots of your subscribers in that area that would love service in their community.

Some individuals that signed the petition also stated they would switch over to Rogers should they get service in their community.

Please note: there is no mobile service at all in that community, no Bell, no Telus and no would be the first.

Thank you for your time.
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