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Travel to Europe with e-sim

I will be going to Europe for 6 weeks and I have purchased an e-sim for 50 g of data good for 60 days on my Iphone 11.  I can see the 2 sims on my phone,  and I can turn one ON,  the other OFF, or both On, both OFF.     To communicate with my family ...

lknisley by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Extended Coverage and Data Roaming Warning

One of my phones is on a talk & text only plan. The phone is on the 3G network (old samsung phone). I turned off Mobile Data because it allowed for better reception when making calls & since its T&T I don't need Mobile Data on. Since I did this thoug...

Resolved! No Internet Connection on Cellular Data 4G (Ottawa ON)

Hi, I've had no internet access using 4G cellular data since March 9th. I need internet access via data to clock in at my workplace. There is no data block on my account, and my mother's phone is able to access the internet just fine via mobile data....

Nthomson by I've been here awhile
  • 1 replies

Enabling 5G on Sony Xperia 5 IV

Hello, So i got the new xperia 5 IV, and was wondering why i was not getting 5G, when clears the phone supports it and the bands are compatible as well. Changed the SIM through a rogers store, and nothing. I am guessing this is because the IMEI is no...

charitha19 by I plan to stick around
  • 15 replies

5G network with no internet

I switched to Rogers due to interesting packages for 4 lines with 5G network. Total of 120GB data for 4 devices. After inserting the new SIM, then we noticed how poor the data service is. The phone shows as 5G network but no internet service, no conn...

Cairo by I plan to stick around
  • 6 replies

Resolved! No cell signal in Angus Ontario?

Since about 1pm today, I am getting no signal on my Key2 whatsoever. Wifi works fine, and no error messages for SIM card etc. Just 'No Service' message. Almost as if the cell site(s) here are not broadcasting at all. No LTE, 4G, no SMS, no voice, no ...

Why I cannot turn my data ON if no Wi-Fi

I CANNOT turn on my data If no WIFI.if my data ON I been charge for over use the DATA, I always go find a FREE Wi-Fi to turn on my data. If I leave ON..bill are $275 a month.I only saying NOW because I have 2 weeks left on my contract.   *Added Label...

edmar3303 by I've been here awhile
  • 1 replies

Wireless Network Down

Hi RogersAgain you leave me with no data and voice service!!! I am posting this from my neighbour’s Eastlink Mobility phone that did not lose service throughout the hurricane.My contract is over November 3rd I think joint the smaller provider will be...

No data, stay away from Rogers

I have 4 phones with Rogers. Been with them over 25 years. They used to be good. Now I have 2 bars AT MOST (sometimes only 1) and only have data like 5% of the time. This is with all our phones (which are new). Not just my town, people in other close...

Voss9999 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Data connection issues - Samsung S20 FE

Hi!   I have recently changed my phone through a finance plan. After changing my and my wife's phone, I am having issues connecting to the Mobile Data network, and sometimes wifi.   With data connection, it chops the connection a lot, for example, if...

Me777 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

3G faster than 4G / LTE?

I travel to very rural areas from time to time, and a number of times I find I have good signal, good bars, I can place and receive calls and send basic texts (SMS), LTE shows on the display, but I have extremely slow or non responsive data.  I have ...

chomyn by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Cellular strength in Keswick

I live near Stephen Leacock Theatre and have never had reliable cell phone service through Roger's. I thought it was just the way it is for everyone in this area until recently when our home flooded. I could not call for assistance because our home p...

PamArnold by I'm here a lot
  • 7 replies

One LTE Bar indoors

I have been with Rogers since I moved to Canada, I am not sure why I am only getting one LTE bar inside my house, not only my device (iPhone XS) all the household devices, but If I changed it to 3G I will get full signal bars. That’s not only one pla...

No Network Unable to connect to rogers network

im getting emergency calls only, it wont connect to rogers network, getting unable to connect to selected network. i changed my sim card to new one thinking it was the problem but still the same issue. anyone else havning this problem? is this a outa...

fazlee by I've been around
  • 76 replies

Official down/up speeds for Rogers Wireless

Hello everyone,Does anyone know the official download and upload speeds Rogers Wireless offers? I cannot find any documentation. I know at the end of the day a lot of factors will go into what actual speeds your device receives, but I'm just curious ...