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Asked by Roger’s to leave and go to Bell

Thanks for the years of service. I was sorry to hear from the last customer service agent ( confirm. # i1875424698) that Roger’s no longer wants us as a customer after many years of paying 500 dollars per month. This is due to the fact that our cotta...

Marko65 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

New tower needed at CFB Esquimalt

Hello.  I work at CFB Esquimalt Dockyard in Victoria, BC.  Rogers coverage in the yard is pretty much nonexistent and a lot of people are switching to Telus because they installed a tower in the yard a couple years ago and their reception is fantasti...

Cell Towers CFB Esquimalt.JPG
theob88 by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies

Nasty surprise with Rogers mobile

I switched from Bell to Rogers in July, everything, including mobile -- just before going on vacation.  I had always hooked up my phone to wifi -- several of the remote cottage destinations I regularly visit have a rather weak signal strength and the...

Resolved! Installation of a Cell Tower

My son and I have a 10 acre property in Glen Roy, Ontario. Glen Roy is located about 25 miles north and east of Cornwall, Ontario. We would like to speak to someone at Rogers about the possibility  of getting a cell tower erected on the property. Ple...

1BLACKROCK by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies

Extended Coverage and Data Roaming Warning

One of my phones is on a talk & text only plan. The phone is on the 3G network (old samsung phone). I turned off Mobile Data because it allowed for better reception when making calls & since its T&T I don't need Mobile Data on. Since I did this thoug...

Resolved! 5G Bands supported

Aside from where 5G in general is indicated on the network coverage map, of the 5G bands, sub-six, mid-range, and millimetre-wave, which are Rogers supporting and where?       ***Added Labels***

Getting a cell tower on my property

I have a commercial property in Sundridge and I am interested to explore adding a cell tower on my site. Does anybody know who to contact ?     ***Added Label***

Madmar by I've been around
  • 6 replies

Tower Installation on rural property

Hello: We own 50 acres in the area of Huntsville, Ontario. How can we apply to assess our property for a Rogers cell tower installation? Thank you.   *** Edited Labels ***  

Tina8686 by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Cellular strength in Keswick

I live near Stephen Leacock Theatre and have never had reliable cell phone service through Roger's. I thought it was just the way it is for everyone in this area until recently when our home flooded. I could not call for assistance because our home p...

PamArnold by I'm here a lot
  • 7 replies

One LTE Bar indoors

I have been with Rogers since I moved to Canada, I am not sure why I am only getting one LTE bar inside my house, not only my device (iPhone XS) all the household devices, but If I changed it to 3G I will get full signal bars. That’s not only one pla...

No Network Coverage - River Valley, ON

Good day,My name is Kevin, I am currently serving in the RCAF and currently have a summer cottage near River Valley, Ontario.The region is currently suffering from a lack of cell phone signal.I do know that you have installed 3 service towers in the ...

No Network Unable to connect to rogers network

im getting emergency calls only, it wont connect to rogers network, getting unable to connect to selected network. i changed my sim card to new one thinking it was the problem but still the same issue. anyone else havning this problem? is this a outa...

fazlee by I've been around
  • 76 replies