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question on possible exchange of ignite modem

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I have experienced an increasing frequency of dropped connections to the internet on my year old ignite system. As the signal is quite good when it is working, I tend to suspect the modem as being the culprit, The dropped connections *seem* more common in the mornings, but they also occur in the evenings. There really is no pattern.


What is the procedure for exchanging the modem? Can I go to a local store or do I need to go through the tedious process of calling support and scheduling an appointment?




Re: question on possible exchange of ignite modem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@DAJ3  You can't just go to a Rogers store and swap hardware on your own.  For one, the stores do not exchange hardware anymore, not in years... and even when they did, they could only do so if your equipment was deemed to be defective.


You will need to contact tech support.  They will then run tests on your modem, check your signal levels, and check for other problems affecting your neighbourhood.  Based on what they find, they may need to dispatch a field tech to investigate further or they may determine that your modem is defective and send you a replacement.


Rather than calling by telephone, you can also send a private message to @CommunityHelps  and ask them to look into the problems that you are experiencing.

Re: question on possible exchange of ignite modem

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Do not bother the new modem will work for a few hours then do the same thing
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