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Ignite WiFi Pod Return

I've been here awhile

I was having trouble with my internet on Ignite and received a new modem.  I had 3 booster pods plugged in from before but the technician said my signal was strong now, no longer needed the pods and unplugged them.  What do I do with the pods now?  Return them to a Rogers store or throw them out?  Anyone know?


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Re: Ignite WiFi Pod Return

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The Ignite Pods should be on your account as a rental item and at some point you will need to return them, otherwise you will get charged a non-return fee.


I would double-check to make sure that you have a good, strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home.  If there are areas where you have a relatively weak signal and slow Wi-Fi speeds, you might want to reconsider adding Pods to improve your Wi-Fi coverage.  If the Wi-Fi coverage in your home is excellent throughout, then you should contact Rogers and ask them to remove the Pods from your account.  You will then get instructions on how to return them.

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