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XB7 Modem Power Plugged in But No Light Indication

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Hi Rogers Community,

I upgraded my home internet package and received a new xb7 modem two days ago. After using it for a day I found the latency was very high and unstable, leading to a bad gaming experience, so I decided to restart the modem. I restarted the modem on the WiFi Hub app and the app said it should be no longer than 12 minutes. However, I waited for more than 12 minutes and the light was solid amber all the time, so I unplugged it from the power and replugged it. After replugging it back, the light was still solid amber, then I contacted the Rogers technical team. They instructed me to unplug and replug it again but this time after plugging it back, the light was off completely. I can hear the fan of the modem works but no light indication at all. I'm sure the power outlet works well and all cables are connected correctly. My appointment comes two days later but having an internet outage for two days is absolutely a nightmare. So I wonder if anyone had the same issue before and how it is resolved eventually? Thank you!


Re: XB7 Modem Power Plugged in But No Light Indication


Greetings @kaili0500!


In a situation like this, I would attempt to connect the modem directly to a wall outlet, bypassing any power bars you might be using.


If there is no change, then the modem may be faulty and may need to be swapped out by the tech. 




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