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Two Connnected Condos wired on same network?

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We live in two connected condo units (door cut through years before we bought them).   We requie a single wired network for both condos.  We have tried wireless repetaerrouterss cheap and expensive. Currently have two separate networks. Ideally would like a solution provided and supported by Rogers.  Only alternative appears to be to run ethernte from one unit to  another ourselves.






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Re: Two Connnected Condos wired on same network?

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Resident Expert
Hi Dat42, when you say "connected condo units" you mean one next door to the other? like next door neighbours?

I have a best friend, and happens to own two condo appartments which are next door, not sure the name of what its called but he wanted internet and phone in the next door unit but did not want to pay for a second account.

This is NOT a Rogers problem. The only solution Rogers can offer is a new internet account in the neighbouring unit but that costs money and you will get 2 bills every month because they base it off of address

if you want a solution you have to think OUTSIDE the box and hire your own contractor and fish a wire between both units much like what my friend did. my friend made a hole in the wall and fished a Rj45 Cat5 wire for internet, and a Cat3 wire for telephone and voila, his phone jacks in the second unit are the same number as the first unit, and his ethernet port is connected to his modem next door, so he can print and go online etc.
if your units are NOT beside each other then dunno how its possible or not but you must speak to a third party contractor and NOT rogers, since its NOT something they offer its unsupported and not even a money issue, they wont take your money to give a solution, dont get mad at them its just how they operate and i dont blame them, theres a lot of risk involved

Re: Two Connnected Condos wired on same network?

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This is not Rogers problem. You would have to connect to two wired networks. It should not be much effort to run a cable between the two.
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