Slower download speed in bridge mode

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Re: Slower download speed in bridge mode

Problem solved.  It was QoS (but with a twist).


Due to time constraints, I never got to troubleshoot further the problem I originally posted about.  I left my Hitron in Gateway mode despite having a Cisco router downstream of it.  It worked (~600/20Mbps) even though I knew it is bad idea to have two devices doing routing in my network.


Upon seeing @edgewater's post above, I revisited the issue.  I checked my Cisco router's QoS setting.  It was OFF.  (Check box empty.)  On a lark, I decided to turn QoS ON.  With my Hitron in bridge mode, after I turned QoS ON, I went from 80/20Mbps to 90/10Mbps.  Hmmmm.  Something is going on here.  :-)


Then, I turned QoS OFF and I got:




So, apparently, on my Cisco RV130W, you have to toggle QoS ON and OFF in order to actually turn off QoS.  YMMV.


Thanks everyone for helping me solve this problem.

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Re: Slower download speed in bridge mode

@LaraBeagle, good find.  Congrats.  Who would have thought, turn the QOS on, then turn it OFF.  Yup, definitely a good find Smiley Happy