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Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

I'm here a lot

I have Rogers 1.5Gig plan and for some reason can not exceed 1100 mbps 
I have a xb8 modem and have my ethernet CAT 8 plugged into the orange bottom right outlet (which sends 2.5 gig of internet at least) 
The ethernet is then plugged into a 2.5 Gig ethernet port on my PC  (before I only recieved 999mbps but realized that was because on the modem i did not have it plugged into the 2.5gig ethernet port) 
Now i recieve 1100mbps 
When rogers comes in they tell me its beyond their control because on their testing machines they recieve 1800mbps on 
How do i get my pc to recieve 1.5 (or somewhere close to that) of Download speed? Is anyone able to help me with this! 
Would appreciate any help thank you all!!


Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

I plan to stick around
There is only one 2.5g port on the modem right? So if you're not connecting your ONT to the modem in that 2.5g port, you are only getting 1g to the XB8.

This is a super frustration I've had with Rogers and their cobbled together fibre hardware.

They can't supply me with equipment that allows me to get 2.5 to a computer via ethernet.

They refuse to supply a switch so I can use the speeds i pay for.

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

Yes there is only 1 2.5 gig port on the modem. 
And as i stated yes my ethernet is connected to the 2.5 gig on the modem and on my pc. I am aparrently getting 1.8gig to the xb8 from their box downstairs in the apartment but i am only recieveing 1.1gig from the modem to my pc. 

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

@FrostyJab can you detail the physical configuration of the modem, cabling, and location of the equipment. 


You have an XB8 modem, so does that mean that you have fibre service as well?  It seems that Rogers is using the XB8 with a Nokia Optical Network Terminal for new installations these days, so, just trying to figure out what you have installed.  Or ..... do you only have cable service, where an RG-6 cable is connected to the cable port on the XB8?  


You indicated that you are apparently getting 1.8gig to the xb8 from their box downstairs in the apartment.  Can you elaborate on that?  What's the box downstairs?  


I'm assuming that the Cat-8 cable is a short cable and that the modem and pc are in the same room.  Is that correct?


Consider the possibility that your pc isn't up to the task of running anything above 1.1 Gb/s.  There is always that possibility, despite having a 2.5 Gb/s multi-gig ethernet port on the pc.  What's behind the port is just as important, as in processor speed, memory and interconnects between the peripherals such as the ethernet port and the processor and memory.  We've seen numerous examples of users subscribing to higher data rates, only to find out their equipment can't handle those rates.  Not saying thats the case here, but, keep an open mind to that possibility.  

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

No fibre as of yet, cable service where cable is connected to the XB8. 

Rogers tested and said I am recieving 1.8 from my XB8 box. I am in a apartment so the internet comes in from outside connects to a Box downstairs that then sends the internet to each apartment in the building. So a wire runs from that box to my apartment and then gives me the internet (not sure what they call the box honestly). 

20 ft Cat-8 Cable, was the shortest Icould get. 

My computer can run up to 2.5 gb of internet through  1 ethernet port MSI x570 Godlike Motherboard. 
I am trying to understand why my PC would Cap me at 1.1gb? Shouldnt the cap be 1Gig if that was the case senario and the cap would be because of the ethernet port on the back of the motherboard?? 3900x amd processor with 64 gb ram 

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

Modem is in the living room and PC is in the room 20ft away if not less 

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@FrostyJab Log into your Ignite Gateway and go to "Gateway > Hardware > LAN Ethernet".  Can you confirm that your computer's connection speed is 2500 Mbps?

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

I've been around

I have the same issue, I used your link you gave which brings up the gateway screen but the password doesn't work. I used admin / password. I also tried my rogers login credentials which still failed to login.

Re: Can't recieve 1.5 gig internet????

I'm here a lot

it is for sure 110% 2500mbps

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