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Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

I got the new Ignite modem today. My previous one was Hitron from Rogers as well. I'm forwarding many ports (remote desktop to multiple computers, DistStation services). Unfortunately, I can't make it work using the new modem. The following error occurs while saving the port forwarding configuration:
"Please enter a value more than or equal to Start Port.".
My external port numbers (start port) larger than the end port numbers. For example, I'm forwarding port 5000 to 3386.  It  was working with all my old routers. However, if the end port value more more than start port, it doesn't forward the ports and remote desktop fails to connect. Please let me know if you experience the same problem or it's just me.





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Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

@CommunityHelps @RogersDarrell  -  please escalate this to your technology team(s).

This is pretty basic development change that could restore this functionality to ALL customers.


Pass the correct API token in the request header.

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

This issue is still going on almost a year later.


Still can't forward static IP's through the ignitewifi website. Why can't they fix this? A customer should be able to make all the changes directly on the modem if he/she so chooses. Logging in to a website to put in the changes that are then pushed back down to the modem is ludicrous.


Rogers please fix this!!!!

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

I've Been Around

Still broken... How can I not control my modem settings from my modem...

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

I've Been Around

End of March 2021 and still one can't port forward using static IP or from outside port to inside port

This is basic feature of any $10 router and for many many years. Why we can't just manually enter IP remote port and local port?

George Nagy

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Ignite XB6 Modem

I've Been Around
I'm also ready to leave Rogers after 20+ years of subscribing to their highest possible internet service. How do they release a modern that can't port forward and then continue for years like that without fixing it?!? Icing on the cake, they stop people from being able to factory reset the modern too so now you can't even work around their unacceptable incompetence! Shame on you Rogers!!!