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CODA-4582-USB Storage-File Transferring Issue

I've Been Here Awhile


I have CODA-4582 Modem and connect a hard drive to USB port of modem to share the storage over network.


I can access the content of the hard drive and download them fast enough, but I can not upload and transfer anything on the storage device since the speed of upload is extremely slow.


I didn’t have this problem until a few weeks ago and everything was working fine.


I have taken the below troubleshooting steps but the problem still exist:


-Verify modem configuration

-Try transferring over ethernet cable 

-Hard reset Modem

-Restore to default configuration

-Turn off firewall on modem and all the devices

-Try multiple devices to connect to the modem and test file transfer

-Try multiple hard disk, flash drive…

-Replace modem with brand a new one


I appreciate anyone support for fixing this issue.



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Re: CODA-4582-USB Storage-File Transferring Issue

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@hs8 can you log into the modem and check the current Software (Firmware) version that is loaded.  It should be V7.1.1.33 by now, which is a new version with a new kernel.  Please post the Firmware Version. 


If you have 7.x loaded, remap the drive on the pc, as the path description to the drive may have changed from version  I don't know if that would have different effects on the download side and the upload side.  I'm making the assumption that you were accessing the drive with version loaded, and doing so without any problems. 

Re: CODA-4582-USB Storage-File Transferring Issue

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks a lot @Datalink for the tip. Software (Firmware) version is and hardware version is 2A.


Remapping the drive also didn't solve the issue. Is there any another advice you can give me please?

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