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Ignite Parental Controls

Especially since there was some recent updates, I thought I should do a little write up about the parental controls available on the Ingnite internet. Many parents worry about what their kids are doing online, how long they are, but are not always aw...

Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 36 replies

Ignite TV Guide/Images

Creating this as a visual guide of most of the screens, Menus, etc.Hardware:The box model is Xi6A / AX061AEIOne power (5v, 3A USBC) One HDMI, power light, and thats it.Status screen: Quick Record by Record Button:Pressing Right on the Arrow Pad:Bring...

IMG_3774.jpg IMG_3775.jpg IMG_3776.jpg IMG_3777.jpg
Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 30 replies

Resolved! TV Notifications

I had to messages on my notification settings on my TV but when I click on it nothing happens. How would you access your notifications on the tv? *** Edited Labels ***

Pairing Issue with TCL sound bar

Hi everyoneHaving issue with pairing the remote to an TCL sound bar ALTO 7 model. Is there way to roll though the codes until one works with the device. The device is not even on the list for section. **Labels Added**

Ignite TV box connected to wrong modem

Had my Rogers guy at my house a few days ago to connect an ignite TV box in an upstairs bedroom. He accidentally connected it to the main gateway in my basement instead of our upstairs hallway pod. So I’m getting basically no service to that TV. Any ...

W_MacNutt by I've Been Around
  • 4 replies

Resolved! TV turns on by self in middle of the night

Have upgraded my Rogers Ignite in January and have had this problem since day 1. My 55 inch Vizio TV in the family room where the modem/router (gateway) is located turns itself on sometime between 10 PM and 3 AM . The other 2 TV's work the way they s...

Ignite TV Box Freezes on Screensaver

Yes. One of my ignite boxes freezes on the screensaver. The shows are playing in the background and can change channels but picture stuck on screensaver. A does not do anything nor does any button on remote. Have to unplug box every day to use it. *A...

JordanS1 by I'm Here A Lot
  • 7 replies

Power Down Option No longer available in Power Preferences!

Power Down Option GoneHello,I noticed that with the recent software update rogers did to the ignite TV box; my model: AX061-AEI or simply known as: Xi6-A), You have removed the option for us to "Power Down" The TV box under the power preferences.I'm ...

K0K0 by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Bitstream vs. PCM? Low Dialogue Volume

Setup LG OLED ARC HDMI input connected to Samsung Harmon Kardon Surround Bar ARC input Rogers Ignite TV Xi6-A HDMI connected directly to LG TV Apple TV HDMI connected directly to LG TV Sound issue with my Rogers Ignite TV Xi6-A. The default setting o...

fabio78 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Ignite TV App on Amazon Fire Tablet

I can run ignite tv with no problem on my Samsung A5 phone. It also runs fine on my daughters ipad. I can only view recorded shows on my Amazon fire tablet. On demand shows error out. When I try to ask for my channel guide I also error out. I can try...

Weather Network Wackiness

Recently switched to Ignite TV, and for reference we have the package with the most channels possible. Noticed that The Weather Network is offered on CH17 (which seems fairly standard, going back years), but is an SD feed, and looks terrible. However...

robtoe by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 8 replies

Resolved! No Access to 4K Content on Ignite TV

No access to Stingray Now 4K & Stingray Festival 4K I recently subscribed to the Ignite TV popular package which includes the 4K channels. But I only seems to have access to the Sportsnet & TSN 4k channels. Stingray Now 4K & Stingray Festival 4K appe...

skadriancor by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 25 replies

Ignite TV power supply

I have wifi and a tv in my shop and would like to move my ignite box there occasionally for hockey and such. It would be easier with a second power supply. It looks like a usb c connector but my phone charger won't power it up. Any suggestions? **Lab...

rapurchase by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Ignite TV Amazon Prime Video App - Closed Captioning Issues

Rogers just upgraded our system to Ignite TV. In the Prime app the closed captioning keeps turning back on even though we want it stuck on default. I turn it off then the next day it's back on. No one here is turning it on. We used to view Prime thro...

mdmorel by I've Been Around
  • 28 replies

Problems with Ignite Remote

I just got Ignite installed in my home. The Rogers box (TX061AEI) is connected to my Samsung UN50NUthrough a Denon AVR 5750 receiver. When I try to switch to verbal commands on the Remote, it more often than not will not work, unless it is pointed aw...

abcweir by I've Been Around
  • 35 replies

Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

Time on the Ignite TV Guide is Slow I noticed the time on the guide is at least 1 minute slow causing my recordings to start early and then cut off the endings! Extremely annoying! I now have to set my recording to extend by 3 minutes. However, I sho...

Vunanne by I'm Here A Lot
  • 10 replies

Ignite HDMI handshake issues

I have my Ignite cable box > Sony AV Receiver > Samsung Plasma TV all through HDMI and I'm not getting a signal with the tv on, if I turn off the tv audio will go through my receiver but turning back on TV will give me no video or audio. Ignite > TV ...

How to Manually Engage Screen Saver

When ignite is turned on there is a screen that displays time and weather and nice scenery. Is there a way to manually get back to that screen or do you have to wait for ignite to time out? ***Edited Labels/Title ***

Robbell by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 4 replies
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