Ignite TV Self Installation Options

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Re: Ignite TV Self Installation Options

I did a new self install last week for a friend. Mind you is was a new apartment building with FTTH. Installer delivered the equipment and was nearby in hall while I installed, fiber connection, modem and 2 TV boxes.


Went without a hitch.

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Re: Ignite TV Self Installation Options

How do i schedule self installation

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Re: Ignite TV Self Installation Options

@WarrenDown wrote:

How do i schedule self installation

Hi, and welcome to the Community!


Information about self installation, including "How does this work?", can be found at: https://www.rogers.com/ignite-bundles/self-install

and instructions on how to perform the self-install can be found at: https://www.rogers.com/support/self-install


You first need to place an order for your new services.  This can be done online or on the telephone.  One of the final steps when finalizing the order is to schedule an installation date and time.  If you are a new customer, a technician will still need to be dispatched to perform any required work outside of your home.  The technician will also drop off all of the equipment that you then will need to install inside your home, and will support you throughout the process.


If you already have Ignite TV and just need to, for example,  add a set-top box, I believe that Rogers will simply ship your new equipment by courier, which you can then install at your convenience.  For some equipment, you may also need to call into Tech Support to complete the activation.